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Renewable Farming LLC experiments with BioEnsure, BioTango published for professionals

Our greenhouse experiments last winter with stress-relieving endophytes, BioEnsure and BioTango, were just published in CSA News, a monthly magazine reaching more than 10,000 agronomy scientists and consultants worldwide.

August 18, 2021 You can download a PDF of this feature article by CJ McCauley at this link

Our trials showed dramatic growth in young corn roots when corn was seed-treated or foliar-sprayed with two microbial products from Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies (AST). BioEnsure is a fungal organism which grows within plants, between cells, and contributes tolerance of stress such as drought, heat, cold or excess moisture. BioTango is a bacterial blend which compliments BioEnsure and amplifies stress-reducing capabilities in crops.

We’re following field results among innovative farmers from Indiana through Iowa who applied BioEnsure and BioTango on corn and soybeans this spring and summer. So far, they’re reporting that treated crops are doing well, despite bouts with rainless weeks in June and July. An Indiana grower, whose perennial problem is usually too much spring rainfall, says “This could be our record corn yield.” 

For a thorough understanding of BioEnsure and BioTango — and the scientific researchers who developed it — please download, read and save the CSA News article at the link above.

Here’s a description of CSA News magazine: It “reflects the latest in what’s happening in the agronomic, crop, and soil sciences, as well news related to the activities of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America.”

As a distributor of BioEnsure and BioTango, we’ve found the principal leaders of Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies — Rusty Rodriguez and Regina Redman — highly capable and great to work with. Currently we’re helping an important Illinois university launch a field trial of cover crops to be treated with these stress-managing organisms.

Here’s a microscopic image from the CSA News feature linked above. One of our Indiana clients using the AST organisms reports that his seed-treated crops are showing abundant presence of these organisms throughout the season.