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Pursanova founder Vatché Keuftedjian wins top technology award from International Trade Council

For roughly a decade, farmers around the world have saved millions of dollars in fertilizer and chemical costs by improving the quality of their spray water with reverse osmosis and energizing systems made by Pursanova Ltd. Inc.

This month, Pursanova founder and president Vatché Keuftedjian was named as the winner in the top technology award offered by the International Trade Council (ITC) based in Brussels, Belgium. Judges selected Vatché from among finalists today at the ITC world conference meeting in Chicago. 

October 23, 2019By Jerry Carlson  This is an update from our Oct. 10 report which reported that Vatché was a finalist who would present at the Think Global Conference in Chicago  (

This annual award carries the same prestige among small and medium sized companies and international trade groups as does the Nobel Prize among scientists, writers and political leaders. ITC is primarily a networking organization that connects individuals and companies in 76 nations. The ITC represents almost 30,000 firms worldwide, plus 19 national chambers of commerce and 73 government agencies which focus on international trade. Each finalist is allowed a 3-minute description of his or her firm’s technology and why it’s both unique and effective.

Farmers will benefit from ITC’s honor to Pursanova because it will strengthen Pursanova’s worldwide recognition and stature, empowering further research into solving water problems critical to agriculture. 

About eight years ago, we installed a Pursanova “Pursalex” treatment tube for our home and farm here in northeast Iowa. We were unfamiliar with the type of quantum physics that enables the unit to change the physical behavior of water. Water flows through a tube filled with marble-like balls of highly compressed natural ores, simulating pebbles in a mountain stream.

In fact, discovery of those minerals occurred in streams where the specific minerals concentrated. Observers noted that fish also collected and hovered close to certain rocks and pebbles on the bottom. They reasoned, “Something might be affecting the water there.”

Vatché explains that the Pursalex Tubes activate hydrogen in the water molecule, restoring its natural physical behavior in moving streams. In recent years, Vatché introduced the Pursanova Disk Technology, which uses a metallic “donut” disk around the water pipe to restore natural oscillation frequencies in water. the result is water that expresses energy patterns identical with water in its natural outdoor streams. To see a more detailed description of the Pursanova disk, you can download a PDF report from this link.


Vatché with water energizing tube,
one of the firm’s first products


We found by testing that Pursanova-treated water has a 10% lower Dynes test, meaning it has less surface tension. We no longer needed a water softener. But there are other differences too: Pursanova water has greater dissolving power to cling to minerals like calcium. It cleans hard-water deposits on pipes and water heaters.

This creation of more “hungry” water is the reason why world-class refineries, canning companies and municipal water systems have installed huge Pursanova systems to reduce maintenance and overall costs. 

Pursanova also refined several other water-treatment technologies, which we’ve reported earlier. Visit these links for some ag-related background:

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How animals quickly detect, and choose, to drink Pursanova water vs. untreated

Pursanova also offers a range of reverse osmosis units and filtration systems which strip impurities out of well water — an increasingly critical need with the rising level of rural water contamination.

Vatché reminds us that Pursanova doesn’t build the ‘conventional’ RO that farmers have seen in the field. Ours is light years ahead by applying mathematical algorithms to how water should move in our advanced RO systems.”

 Here’s an example of one farm-sized RO unit:

More recently, Pursanova has been delivering under-the-counter RO units using the same membrane technologies as in the larger sophisticated RO setups for farm and industry.  The photo below shows such a unit being tested in the laboratory.

One unusual characteristic of Vatché is that he’s equally comfortable working with major refiners in Saudi Arabia, global corporations in Japan — or across the kitchen table with individual farmers. He has a deep respect for agriculture, and wants to help make it more profitable.


Under-counter Pursanova reverse osmosis unit uses tehnonology
not available in common brands of such RO units.

Note: Renewable Farming does not market Pursanova technology. However, we recommend a combination of the Pursalex tube and a Pursanova reverse osmosis unit, correctly sized, for farmers who wish to gain more weed control with lower herbicide rates — or to improve performance of foliar nutrients.  The combination of WakeUP and Pursanova-treated water is especially effective for foliar nutrients.

Here’s a photo of the award presented to Pursanova today by the International Trade Council: