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Over 300,000 people join online “Food Revolution Summit” starting today

Today at noon Central time, the Food Revolution Network opens its ninth “Food Revolution Summit” — a webinar featuring 25 of the world’s leading agricultural, health and nutrition specialists.

April 25, 2020 — Over nine years, the founders of the Food Revolution Network, John Roberts and son Ocean, have built a following of hundreds of thousands of health-seeking people. This “revolution” arrived in a decade of rising urgency for healthier foods and lifestyles, including the need to battle chronic diseases. The Covid-19 panic lends urgency to their mission, as more people recognize that good food is essential for building up immunity.

The webinar starts at 11 a.m. today and runs April 25-29. The promo pages (at the link above) explain: “Each interview is hosted by Ocean Robbins and personally conducted by best-selling author and food movement leader, John Robbins. John’s best-selling books about food and health have sold more than 2 million copies, and he knows how to engage each presenter in a totally unique and special way. Following each interview, Ocean will engage live to answer questions, share his top takeaways, and highlight what’s coming next.”

Update May 6: The Food Revolution Summit” hosted more than 320,000 participants. For two days (May 6-7) you can log in and gain access to all speakers at this link.


Here are three of the 25 presenters:

  • Matt McCarthy, MD – One of the world’s top infectious disease specialists and the author of the international bestseller, Superbugs. Dr. McCarthy is a pandemic advisor to Congress and the US military — and a leader at one of New York City’s largest hospitals. You’ll find out the latest on COVID-19 and how you can protect your family. 
  • Michael Klaper, MD – The “food is medicine” doc will tell you which foods can support your immune system and help keep you safe.
  • Zach Bush, MD – One of the few triple board-certified MDs, Dr. Bush will share the stunning truth about how your food, lifestyle, and environment shape your brain, mood, immune system, and life expectancy. (Hint: It all starts with your gut!)

For the full schedule of speakers and subjects, visit this link.

Registration is free. You can check it out at this link.