Renewable Farming

New ways to upgrade your soil health — and widen your profit margins

This crop production meeting in Ames, IA March 12 concentrates on ten of the most important Renewable Farming opportunities to overcome low commodity prices by unleashing biological power to build healthier soils.

Feb. 26, 2018 — We’ve worked with most of the seminar leaders listed here. We believe you’ll return to your farm with fresh facts to decide which new crop-growing ideas offer the highest potential return on investment this season. 

You know the challenge. The speakers — and participating farmers — will help answer a question we’ve heard all winter: “I’m seeing a long list of  $6-an-acre ‘yield boosters.’ But which ones have the best odds of a return on investment?”

Many potential “yield boosters” can promise to deliver 4 to 10 extra bushels of corn. But presenters at this meeting will offer ideas and products which have been shown to increase yields 10 – 20 + bushels/acre on a consistent basis. Your challenge is to mesh them into your management system.

Crop Consultant Bob Streit and his associate Marv Mortensen have assembled a team of seasoned pros that know how to coordinate the technologies and techniques needed to prioritized the best ideas ahead of the possibly good ideas. They’ll focus on:

  • Soil health
  • Plant health
  • Micronutrients 
  • Nitrogen management & Nutrient efficiency

You’ll be able to network with top growers, scientists, agronomists, and product specialists.

Time, location and benefits as provided by Central Iowa Agronomy and Supply:

‘Show Me the Money’ Pre-season Meeting
March 12, 2018 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Holiday Inn Ames Conference Center, 2609 University Boulevard. Ames, IA 50010

Their announcement says: “This meeting is designed to provide the latest field crop production information to consultants and farmers. Speakers will share their 2018 recommendations and give an overview of the successes they have seen in the last few growing seasons. This will help prepare growers to remain profitable in the 2018 growing season. These experts have been able to trial and select products that offer high ROIs and better plant health.”

Crop Consultant Bob Streit

Top 10 reasons to attend:

1. Learn how we produced big yields in 2017 and learn how to apply this knowledge in 2018.

2. Learn what newer products seem to produce the highest ROIs.

3. Learn what steps and products can improve soil health and increase your Haney score.

4. Learn how good soil health correlates to good plant health. 

5. Learn how and when you should sample your fields for the Haney analysis.

6. Learn how much it will cost and how long it might take to build the desired test levels for high yields.

7. Learn about humates, what they do and if they are legitimate.

8. Learn about N stabilizers to minimize N runoff and leaching.

9. Learn the new cutting edge facts and the benefits of using Silica fertilizers on plants. This information has never been shared before in Iowa.

10. Learn about the bacterial disease complex affecting corn since 2009.

Speakers include:
  • Dr. David Sasseville – AgriGuardian
  • Dr. Dan Olk – USDA, National Lab for the Soil and the Environment
  • Dave Schwartz – Verdesian Life Sciences
  • Bob Wagner – BioDyne Midwest
  • Mitchell Hora – Continuum Ag, LLC
  • Erik Massey – Midwest Redox
  • Marv Mortensen – Central Iowa Agronomy & Supply
  • Bob Streit – Central Iowa Agronomy & Supply
  • J.R. Santos – SprayTech
Lunch & snack breaks will be provided.

Registration: Free but you must RSVP to guarantee seating and lunch. This will help us have an accurate number for meals.

RSVP: Please RSVP to reserve your seat by March 2, 2018 to Carol Streit at 515-231-6710 or

CCA CEUs (Certified Crop Adviser Continuing Education Units): Will be applied for. Additional information will be emailed to registrants before the conference to include the agenda and speaker bios. Seating is limited so RSVP by March 2. 

Central Iowa Agronomics has distributed WakeUP since we began providing it through experienced consultants and agronomic firms several years ago. Bob Streit and Marv Mortensen are helping lead farmers into biologically sound production practices. Our Renewable Farming and WakeUP family team will attend the meeting, and are always available for your individual questions.
We encourage your participation in such meetings with consultants and manufacturers who provide the facts and technology for raising crops in ways that renew not only our soil biology, but farmers’ enthusiasm for farming. WakeUP is synergistic with many of the crop nutrients, biologicals and biostimulants these experts are perfecting. Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal featured a story on how more farmers are being forced to take off-farm employment to supplement narrow profits from their farming operations. Our goal is to widen profit margins in farming and restore the excitement of “leaving this land far better than we found it.”