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New way to use calcium, king of nutrients, to enhance your yields

The first replicated corn yield trial we’ve seen with calcium silicate from the Redox company showed a 30-bu. average yield gain: 266 bu. for treated plots versus 236 for the check plots. See the table below.

Dec. 27, 2017 — This is also the first time we’ve seen a product which combines calcium and silica in a crop additive for foliar use. We’ve long considered calcium one of the most important cell-building elements. AgriEnergy Resources founder Dave Larson considered it the “king of nutrients.” One that’s typically overlooked except for liming to raise soil pH. 

Silicon is even more ignored, with the presumption that every soil has an abundance. But its presence in a sandy soil is not the same as offering silicon in a form the plant can metabolize. The formulation which Redox puts into its “Mainstay Si” is built by reacting silicon and calcium, so both are available.

You can visit the Redox Chemical site at this link and look over their product offerings:

Iowa crop consultant Bob Streit first called our attention to Mainstay Si last summer, and we did some testing for brix changes in corn, soybeans and tomatoes. Here’s the link to our earlier report: