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New poll indicates that majority of farmers see new GMO “labeling” law as damaging

An on-line poll of No-Till Farmer readers indicates that for every 6 farmers who think the new GMO labeling law will help growers, there are 10 who say it will hurt growers. 

This “score” is as of August 20, 2016. The ratio of opinions may change as more farmers vote.  You can follow the results at this link.

Our view is that the law is essentially meaningless and will be so ineffective that consumers will have to rely on a non-government label such as “Non-GMO Verified” if they want assurance there’s no transgenic content. The Non-GMO Project, a “seal of approval” nonprofit organization, reports that annual sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products exceed $16 billion. The nonprofit group’s website has a page focusing on its role in assuring consumers and retailers of consistent quality and safety by product verification.

Soaring growth of the “Non-GMO Verified” label also promises a rising opportunity for farmers willing to produce non-GMO food and feed to meet growing demand. Several years from now, the bogus “labeling” law commonly called the DARK act (Denying Americans the Right to Know) could be revealed as a huge advantage, giving farmers price premiums for non-GMO crops.

And, it would be another reminder that there’s no assurance in relying on the government’s “safety” agencies like the FDA, EPA and others to protect Americans. A new paper published by Stephen Druker in Independent Science News indicates that federal agencies have long been allies of the biotech industry, helping muffle adverse research findings and promoting “science” with little assurance of long-term safety.