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New lawsuit against chemtrails could force “Geoengineering” into legal spotlight

Crop and animal health are just one of the concerns over “Geoengineering,” the issue of supposed longtime spraying of toxic aerosols into the atmosphere worldwide.

The atmospheric evidence is clearly visible, but government agencies have been far less than forthcoming about the massive volume of atmospheric modification and its impacts.  Now, the number of activist groups and chemtrail opponents are starting to coalesce into alliances with enough clout to force evidence and government agencies into the open. This would be an interesting spectator sport, except that your crops and your family are part of the collateral damage which concerns thousands of citizens.  Not just the conspiracy buffs either: There’s significant pushback from science-based observers with a broad enough perspective to link long-trending, broadly based symptoms with possible toxicities.

Contrails or chemtrails?

Many of these people have allied under the auspices of, a private activist group headed by Dane Wigington.

Click here for details of the group’s legal 60-day notice of intent to file a lawsuit.  On the page that will appear from this link, you can download a PDF showing the lawsuit’s intended defendants. 

Or, you can download the detailed lawsuit notice as a PDF at this link.

Another website with decent scientific credibility is, which offers multiple links to a network of chemtrail-concerned citizens.  One of those publicly supported coalitions is the “Agriculture Defense Coalition,” which focuses on multiple environmental threats to agriculture — including geoengineering for military and climate-modification purposes.

Efforts to debunk the chemtrail “conspiracy” are also ongoing — just as there are many high-level efforts to dispel concern about long-term damage from genetically modified foods.  For example, this essay on Wikipedia lists multiple sources for brushing off the persistent trails as only water vapor.

Whatever the truth is, it’s evident that the planetary stakes are high. As John Milton famously wrote, 

“Let Truth and Falsehood grapple; whoever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter? Her confuting is the best and surest suppressing.”

It’s instructive to visit Google Images and search for “chemtrails.”  If those concerned are only conspiracy theorists, they’ve gaining more company rather than fading away.  With social media and thousands of internet networks,  truth and falsehood certainly have an opportunity for a “free and open” encounter.