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Indiana farmer Scott Odle tells you why he switched to non-GMO corn

Here’s a link to a webinar presented by longtime non-GMO corn producer Scott Odle on the economics and agronomy of raising non-GMO corn that’s profitable, even at current prices.

Feb. 17, 2018 — As you finish detailing your 2018 crop planning, this webinar offers a clear and convincing personal story on why non-GMO corn makes sense. Indiana grower Scott Odle is a no-tiller who shows you proven details on fertility, weed control and yield enhancement in a non-GMO program on his 4,000 acres.

This link takes you to the Spectrum Seed website, where you can view the entire webinar. His presentation is also sponsored on the No-Till Farmer website. It’s introduced by Darrell Bruggink, editor at No-Till Farmer.

If you’ve tracked this website over a few years, you know we encourage no-till and minimum till, cover crops and restoration of soil health. And we encourage non-GMO crops for everyone’s health. In a separate report, we’ll supplement Scott’s webinar with a few of the ideas our WakeUP clients are using to enhance corn and soybean production.