Renewable Farming

Photos of emerging corn responding to streaming Biocast + Wakeup plus nutrients

Larry Eekhoff, owner of the consulting firm Agronomy Rx at Webster City, IA sent us these photos today, dramatizing corn’s vigorous response to a streamed-on blend of nutrients and biologicals — mobilized with WakeUP Spring.

June 1, 2019 — Larry’s client used streamjet nozzles to pinpoint the liquid blend on both sides of each row, immediately following the planter on April 24. Cool, cloudy and damp weather has persisted in north central Iowa for weeks, but the nourished corn is greening up and producing prolific roots. 

As corn prices climb because of the prospect of five or six million acres remaining unplanted this season, we’re seeing growers who did get corn planted more willing to invest another $10 or $20 per acre in foliars, Y-drop and streaming applications to accelerate greening up and building yield potential.

We’re working on a summary of biologicals, biostimulants and other yield boosters which have established a track record for corn and soybeans.

Meltdown and Biocast are products made by Biodyne USA. Meltdown is a new name for Environoc 501, applied to stalk residue as early as possible in the fall. Biocast is a fortified version of Environoc 401, normally applied in-furrow. The additional nutrients in Biocast make it effective when applied on the soil surface.