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“Healthy Farming News” archive links

These are links to previously posted reports relevant to what you grow on the farm, and how you grow it. Each link will take you to the original article, unless the original website has removed its report.  These links appeared earlier in our “Healthy Farming News” section on the home page.

Michigan State: 11 out of 19 weeds tested show herbicide resistance 


How Regenerative Ag protects the planet




Wes Jackson describes progress with perennial wheat


New, highly accurate lab test detects glyphosate in human hair


With glyphosate in granola bars, General mills drops “100% natural” label


EPA listens to farmers on both sides of dicamba registration controversy




Insect pressure 10 times worse on insecticide-treated fields


Soil health and human health are connected… but not every grain buyer cares


Farmers win $217 million lawsuit against Syngenta for loss of markets


Target Inc. launches safer-chemical campaign


Malta bans glyphosate blends with POE adjuvant


Ag Secretary Vilsack tells Successful Farming his top 5 accomplishments


European Union court: All pesticide safety studies must be open to public


New scientific paper on poisoning of crops, people by aerial geoengineering


New market for U.S. growers: Chinese medicinal herbs


Monsanto funds panel of experts who call glyphosate “unlikely” carcinogen


Young farmers often focus on high-quality, organic production 


Family farmers are feeding the world, and will in the future


Poland reaffirms ban on GMO crops


Glyphosate so pervasive that even organic foods have small traces of it


30 scientists send open letter supporting Scotland’s GMO ban