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Grassroots biotech battle in Argentina heats up as health issues become more clear

A non-profit international group encouraging ag biodiversity published a detailed report at this link on Dec. 1, revealing that the Argentine public has stepped up opposition against GMO crops and related chemicals.

It could be a preview of coming distractions here in the Midwestern USA. 

Almost certainly, any meaningful opposition to biotech in America will arise from the public, the little people, rather than from the FDA, EPA or other keepers of our national well-being. It’s likely that the Senate will soon enact the “DARK Act,” barring states from requiring labeling of GMO foods. 

Translation: “Stop Spraying”

But in Argentina, a few courageous physicians and university researchers have documented the links between ag pesticides, primarily glyphosate, and human health in the sprayed localities.  

The story you could read above is not likely to get reprinted in the Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman.