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From the makers of WakeUP: We’re reducing our price to enhance your profits

As WakeUP sales grow, we’re able to negotiate volume pricing on our ingredients — and we’re passing along our savings to you. The in-season price for WakeUP Spring and Summer will be only $90 per gallon — a $15 per gallon price cut from the past two seasons. It’s another benefit to you from the efficiencies and savings we’ve been able to offer since 2009, when WakeUP retailed at $150 per gallon. 

It gets better: Through February 2016, we’re offering you a $5 bonus for pre-season direct cash orders. That makes WakeUP only $85 per gallon. That’s less than $3 per acre for many kinds of in-furrow and foliar applications. WakeUP Summer beats those toxic, petroleum-based “wetting agents”  and “stickers” hands down. WakeUP Summer is a unique non-toxic, biologically based, colloidal micelle surfactant and leaf cleanser and nutrient transporter.  It does three jobs, not just the work of a surfactant.

To take advantage of the $85 per gallon pricing, send your order with payment before Feb. 28. We’ll ship pre-season orders starting April 1, or on a date you specify with your order. (WakeUP can safely be kept in freezing temperatures, so there’s no problem with winter storage.)  Note: Our distributors price WakeUP independently, but we are also extending similar savings to them. 

In addition to using WakeUP at every opportunity on our research farm, here are four more ways we’ll max out our return on nutrient dollars in 2016:

Intensify our in-furrow, side-dress and foliar nutrient programs. WakeUP Summercan almost double the crop’s absorption of foliar nutrients.  And we’ll work hard to hit that V2 spray window for WakeUP Springon corn and beans, to build massive roots. 

We’ll widen use of a new growth promotant, “Lignition,” in-furrow and foliar. We have tested Lignition for two seasons in almost 400 strip trials, and have seen very promising yield responses. It’s a dry soluble which contains growth-stimulating enzymes from humates and crop lignin. Watch our website for availability in the United States; we hope to have “Beta” releases of this product in Spring 2016.

We will add a biological stimulant, Symbiosis AGx, to several foliar and in-furrow programs. This product is created from whole, freshwater U.S. fish and refined into the essential amino components which stimulate crop growth. We’ve tested it in 2015 and like what we see.

Another new product called Bio-Empruv has shown efficacy on Goss’s wilt in our field trials — especially when systemically mobilized with WakeUP Summer as an adjuvant. Bio-Empruv will be available in 2016. We’re making dealer arrangements to sell it to our clients.

Please feel free to ask about application rates and suggestions for all of your favorite foliar products! WakeUP also accelerates crop absorption of  micronized powdered products, such as rock powders and Lithovit calcium. 

Thanks again for your trust, enthusiasm and fresh ideas on making WakeUP pay.  Call any of our family team members, anytime!

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