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Foundations for next season’s yield are built in your soil health this fall!

We’re curious about a new “biostimulant” called ISO, which has increase corn yields 26% in at least one independent trial. 

Its developer, Lance Beem, will be one of the speakers at the Sept. 8 AgriEnergy Resources seminar in Princeton, IL.  AgriEnergy is a distributor of WakeUP, as our previous field trials have indicated it enhances performance of some of their biologically friendly nutrient products. At the bottom of this report, please see a scan of AgriEnergy’s ad in ACRES USA magazine, which includes WakeUP as available through AgriEnergy.

Please browse the previews of the seminar below, as they appeared in e-mails from AgriEnergy Resources. There’s also a complete collection of announcements on seminar content at this link in a blog called the Daily Dirt.

All comments below this green line are from AgriEnergy Resources:


Compared to just 5 years ago, modern-day plant protection is off the charts with exciting new advances. Especially for Lance Beem of Beem Agro-Sciences & Beem Consulting. After eating what appeared to be a harmless watermelon that nearly killed him, Beem knew something had to change in terms of plant protection. With over 36 years of experience in the plant protection industry, he is intimately familiar with synthetic chemistry.

Today, he combines clean and safe compounds that ward off pests and diseases in all crops. His focus is to integrate conventional and non-conventional plant regulation, nutrition, and pest management practices for large and small farmers. His new discoveries of natural biological complexes have lead to greater crop yields and sustainable soil health. In fact, an independent research study shows the use of his product, ISO, has increased yields on the following crops:

  • Cantaloupe 23%
  • Blueberry 41%
  • Cotton 13%
  • Corn 26%
  • Alfalfa 20%
  • Soybeans are still growing. No yield numbers yet, but there are 3 times the amount of root nodules.

Dr. Aileen Fatemeh Mastouri Director of Soil Microbiology at Stoller Enterprises, will let you in on a little secret at our upcoming field day. She is currently researching plant interaction with beneficial and pathogenic microbes, and how these interactions affect plant health, response to environment, and productivity.

By evaluating your natural soil microbiome, Mastouri believes you can truly learn what’s going on in your soil. She’ll discuss the role microbes play and the impact chemical products have on your soils. Her publications in this area have received widespread attention and are cited over 500 times by other scientists. She’s also a visiting scholar at Texas A&M University so this is one session you won’t want to miss.

AgriEnergy Resources has brand new products ready to launch. These particular products have continued to amaze farmers and agronomists consistently throughout the summer. All over the Midwest and surrounding areas, these products have gotten crops off to a stronger start, leading to healthier plants with higher yield potential. They have been tested on corn, soybeans, and produce.

ALL farmers are invited to learn how to increase yield potential on their own farms.

Hear how and why they work, and see them shine in corn and soybean plots during our Biological Farming Seminar & Field Day from 9:00am-5:00pm Thursday, September 8 at Wise Guys Bar & Grill, 2205 N. Main St., Princeton Illinois.

It’ll be a chance for all farmers to learn from some of the best soil scientists, crop consultants, and agronomists in the industry. They’ll be discussing organic & conventional products for plant protection, impacts and timing of antioxidants & polyamines in crop production, fall fertility programs, field tours, and more!

Here is a full topic/speaker agenda:

  • New Product LaunchDean Craine, AgriEnergy Resources
  • Impacts of Antioxidants & Polyamines in Crop ProductionDick Woodward, Stoller Enterprises
  • Turning a Furrow for 30+ Years as a Crop ConsultantDenny Wildman, Crop Consultant
  • Organic & Conventional Products for Plant ProtectionLance Beem, Beem Agro-Sciences
  • Soil MicrobiologyDr. Aileen Fatemeh Mastouri, Stoller Enterprises 
  • Residue Management & Fall Fertility ProgramsKen Musselman and Gary Campbell, AgriEnergy Resources 
  • Field Tours – Sales Agronomy Team, AgriEnergy Resources 
  • Plant TourProduction Team, AgriEnergy Resources 

Join us this week as we introduce each speaker and give sneak peeks into their presentations.

A complimentary lunch will be provided for those with advanced registration. Please RSVP by calling AgriEnergy Resources at 815-872-1190 or emailing by August 31st.


AgriEnergy ad as it appears in ACRES USA magazine