Renewable Farming

Food Revolution Network offers free video, plus discounted access to sustainable food series

Rapid growth of the online “Food Revolution Network” signals a broadening base of consumers keen on healthier diets and more environmentally sound farming. Here’s an opportunity to look into the intensity of consumer commitment that can impact your farming future.

September 9, 2020This link takes you to a free offer where you can view online the documentary video, The Need to Grow. The video dramatizes some of the conflicts which sustainable-ag advocates face when advocating for healthier soil and healthier food. 

We consider videos like this significant for a conventional corn-soybean grower’s understanding of market forces which are gaining power, both at the supermarket and on political grounds. 

Also, the invitation also opens up access to a video series on organic and sustainable farming concepts. We hadn’t seen these shows offered before at this steeply discounted price. We consider the movie and the video series worth checking out.