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Food Justice Rally fills west lawn of U.S. Capitol building

Moms Across America and Truth in Labeling organized today’s rally in Washington, DC to lobby against the “DARK Act,” a bill which would preclude states from requiring labeling of GMO foods.

Organizers say, “Confirmed speakers include Dr. Edward GroupSteven DrukerAnthony Gucciardi, Ronnie CumminsAdam EidingerKelly L. Derricks, And Liz Reitzig with other special guests. There will be a large unity march through the streets of D.C. following the rally.”

The Facebook announcement of the rally has gotten almost a million “Like” responses… indicating that social media is playing a large role in this campaign although the U.S.  “mainstream” has largely ignored it.  

Here’s the link to the Food Justice website.  And here’s a link to Facebook “coverage” of the event, posted Saturday and later by participants.

Russians demonstrate at U.S. Embassy in Moscow for right to label GMO foods

Simultaneously today in Moscow, Russian activists against GMOs rallied in front of the U.S. embassy, to show support for USA opponents of the DARK act.

The Russian rally noted:  

“Russians for Democracy in the United States: GMO – right to choose” was organized in Moscow in front of US Embassy in support of the  Food Justice Rally in Washington October 17.

“The event in Moscow is a symbol of support and consolidation of Russians and Americans in their common fight for a safe environment. 

“One of the eco-activists dressed as maize has given to US Embassy representative an Open letter addressed to the US Senate in support of American citizens in their fight for GMOs labelling and give it. The Open letter was signed by Moscow picket participants.”

Russia prohibits genetically modified crops; their government has repeated the claim that they’re not needed to “feed the world.”

Russians in support of U.S. “Food Democracy Now”