Renewable Farming

Five-star speaker lineup for BRT field day Sept. 2 near Stockton, IA

Dr. Don Huber, Dr. Michael McNeil and Dr. George Kindness will bring important production updates to farmers at the Sept. 2 field day on Keith Schlapkohl’s farm near Stockton, IA.

Keith Schlapkol and 230-bu. corn

Keith will also present his ideas on making non-GMO production highly effective — based on two generations of experience. 

Ag consultant Amie Bandy will also bring you first-hand reports from clients’ fields. 

Topics include crop nutrition, disease management, GMO and non-GMO, strip till and more.

If you’re raising non-GMO corn, an on-site lab will be available to verify non-GMO purity… so bring a sample from your 2015 corn crop, which is probably already dented.

And as a little extra benefit, Jerry and Erik from Renewable Farming LLC will present a how-to report on “12 Foliar Feeding Ideas for Extra Yields.”

Dr. Don Huber has probably delivered more information on GMO crops and glyphosate, more accurately, than any other scientist, worldwide.  We could also add that he has done it “more courageously” than any other scientist. His example has spurred other researchers to dig for the “rest of the story” on health implications of transgenic crops, and of the global use of glyphosate herbicide formulations.

Dr. Huber has also built a solid scientific foundation establishing the benefits of accurate and adequate trace-element nutrition for crops. This is our foundation for crop health, and crops’ ability to withstand disease as well as pest invasions.

Dr. Kindness is almost certain to discuss an “azobacter” he has refined — an organism which fixes nitrogen and can be applied to crops in a variety of ways.  We’re testing that organism on our home test farm this season.  Keith Schlapkohl reports that the chlorophyll readings of crops change sharply within a few days after application.

Dr. McNeill is unsurpassed for his length and depth of crop consulting experience across Iowa and surrounding states. He was among the first to document the early die-down of GMO corn several years ago, and ask:  “What’s really happening here, and why?”

You’ll also have opportunities to share ideas with farmers who are already seasoned in the technologies and products to restore soil biological life.

Registration is free; lunch is provided. We encourage you to register with BRT as quickly as possible at  319-623-7711.

The program starts at 8:30 and adjourns for field visits at 4:30.

The location is 24956  20th Ave., Stockton, IA.  The farm is two miles north of Exit 280 on Interstate Highway 80. After you leave Interstate 80 at Exit 280 and drive north, you’ll see the tent and farm entrance on the left (west) side of the road.