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First-year Fulltec Impulse data: 8.31 bu. gain in corn, 6.99 bu. gain in beans

Spraytec, a Brazilian fertility firm with years of experience, tested a new foliar called Fulltec Impulse across the Midwest this season. Results from six corn trials in Iowa, South Dakota and Illinois: An average yield gain of 8.31 bushels. Six soybean field tests from Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Indiana and Ohio averaged a gain of 6.99 bushels.

December 15, 2020 — Yield benefits on corn varied from 2.6 bu. to 15 bushels. Bean response also varied widely — 1.5 bu. gain in South Dakota to 17.55 bu. in Iowa. Please download the PDF (portable document file) assembled by Spraytec for detailed results. 

We test-marketed Spraytec’s Fulltec Impulse and their Fulltec Cube (a four-part package to treat 100 acres) this season. One of our Nebraska farmers ran six side-by-side corn test strips with Fulltec Impulse and saw a yield response of a 4% gain on 288-bu. corn down to a 2.5% lower yield on 153-bu. corn. These are the vagaries of yield trials on products which, on average, give corn yields just a modest boost of 5 to 10 bushels. 

For orders through December, the retail price of Fulltec Impulse for either corn or soybeans is $7.72 per acre.  Regular in-season price for 2021 will be  $8.21 per acre. Call or e-mail us for more details.

Over the years we’ve observed that crop response with mineral micronutrients is somewhat more consistent than with live biologicals. However, the combination of micronutrients plus biologicals often has a symbiotic effect. Example: An in-furrow blend of NPK, micronutrients, a biostimulant such as Vitazyme, plus a microbial blend to enhance the root rhizosphere, give young roots a definitely stronger start. This season, we’d add BioInsure and BioTango to that in-furrow package.

Spraytec’s corporate theme encourages use of mineral nutrition to promote plant health, as opposed to using fungicides and other toxins against fungal disease. An Indiana soybean trial at LJT farms, Tipton, IN, measured corn yields where the beans were treated with Fulltec Cube versus three kinds of fungicide. Result: Two of the three comparisons showed a 3.5 bu. yield advantage for Fulltec Cube; one showed equal yields.

We encourage you to download the research report from the link above. 

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