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First corn yield check of 218 shows 27-bu. benefit for Environoc 401 in-furrow

This morning, Biodyne USA President Gil Farley sent us the photo below of a yield estimate from a northern Indiana side-by-side corn trial. Their Environoc 401 bacterial inoculant placed in-furrow showed a 27-bu. benefit.

August 18, 2018 — The photo below tells the story. Both parts of the side-by-side experiment were planted April 19, 2018. They pollinated the first two weeks of July. On Aug. 15, yield checks showed that the rows treated with in-furrow Environoc 401 yielded 27.44 bu. more than the untreated corn.

In the photo you can see the treated ears are larger in diameter and filled to the tip. Treated ears average 18 kernel rows,  vs. 17 in the untreated corn.

Confirming that kind of response will of course involve many further yield checks and weigh-wagon measurements across the Corn Belt. This is the first full season where Iowa and other western Corn Belt states have had widespread access to Environoc 401. 

The Indiana grower who made the application last spring is a first-time user of Biodyne products.  There was no application of their residue treatment biological, Environoc 501. This is a recommended one-two punch for stimulating soil life and encouraging more rapid multiplication of natural, beneficial soil organisms. 

Biodyne’s field rep Bob Wagner will present the latest information about company products and research Monday, Aug. 20 near Guthrie Center, Iowa. See the related news report for details on that field day.