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Finally! Scientists point to reasons why we’re vulnerable to Covid virus

For years our family at Renewable Farming has encouraged healthy soil, healthy crops — and healthy people with robust immune systems. That means good food must be your best medicine, and you live as free as possible from debilitating toxins.

September 12, 2021  By Jerry Carlson  Your farm provides one of the best locations for a safe, toxin-free environment amid the Covid pandemic — if you make it that way. But farms can also expose you to some insidious, damaging toxins. Examples: Exposure to glyphosate, chemical-laced dust and vomitoxins.

Today, longtime farmer friend Howard Vlieger e-mailed me a link to the first scientific paper I’ve seen which points out it’s accumulated toxicity and stress which degrades peoples’ immune systems. Flogging weakened immune systems with vaccines will spiral into a whirlpool of futility. The scientists point out: “The response of governments worldwide to COVID-19 has been virology-based, disregarding toxicological issues.”

Unlike most scientific papers, this one is a fairly easy read, and I encourage you to download it:

The authors make special mention that the government-sponsored vaccine focus for Covid-19 gains enormous momentum because of the “stakeholders” pushing it. That means the major pharmaceutical firms like Pfizer and Moderna, plus most of the physicians trained in Western allopathic medicine.


But even in this paper’s exhaustive citations, I found no specific mention of glyphosate — which in my reckoning is one of the lead players in the pantheon of pollutants listed by the authors: 

“endocrine-disrupting chemicals, microplastics, heavy metals, pesticides, nanoparticles, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS), fine particulate matter, air pollution, acrylamide, aromatic halogenated disinfection byproducts, benzene, benzo(a)pyrene, crude oil, corexit, sodium fluoride, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, cell or mobile phones and other wireless transmitting devices (WTDs) including cordless phones, cell towers, and Wi-Fi, etc.)”

The authors’ conclusions:

“The underlying causes of the present pandemic have been both misrepresented and camouflaged. Causes that are mainly toxicology-based have been ignored relative to virology-based causes. This has resulted in treatments and ‘protective’ measures that address virology issues to the exclusion of toxicology issues, are of questionable effectiveness, and do little (if anything) to prevent future pandemics.

“They have produced disastrous effects on the global economy that have worsened social and economic conditions of many people and contributed to a deterioration of their physical and mental health. To correct this situation, and offer intrinsic protection against future pandemics, both tactical/reactive responses to survive the immediate threat and strategic/proactive responses to prevent the problem and damage from re-occurring are required.”

Translation: It’s the government’s responsibility to reduce environmental toxicity — despite powerful opposition from “stakeholders” like chemical, pharmaceutical and other sources.

Meanwhile, your farm offers an opportunity to source your own food and fresh air to keep your family’s immune system strong. Example: Right now our family is enjoying a surplus of fresh fruit and vegetables including an abundance of tomatoes (Grandpa and Grandma snitch them from grandson Blake’s garden).

Update Sept. 13, 2021  Here’s a link to Carey Gillam’s report in U.S. Right to Know, detailing how the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration has bowed to corporate influences over many years:

Update Sept. 14, 2021   Dr. Michael Greger documents how little nutrition education most physicians receive.


Organic tomatoes… just one ingredient in building a vigorous immune system on the farm