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Vax mandates came for doctors and nurses. Next they’re coming for farmers like you.

We’ve emphasized that your farm or ranch is the safest refuge in a pandemic of mandated mRNA injections and lockdowns for Covid-19. Until now you haven’t been forced to take the gene-altering shots for permission to keep farming. But your reprieve could be temporary. 

December 4, 2021  By Jerry Carlson  For a decade at Renewable Farming, we’ve focused on helping farmers improve yields and build soil health, helping accelerate the biological revolution in agriculture. We believe farmers are the foundation for producing healthy food and building strong immune systems, which are seriously compromised in most Americans.

But now, federal vax mandates and inevitable “vaccine passports” force me to face the Monster: Forced injections of mRNA shots. You can’t presume you’ll be exempt from mandated shots, endless boosters, masking, travel constraints, Covid tests and quarantines. Many governments around the world are imposing such mandates with severe penalties. That’s evident, even though mRNA shots have failed to prove their promoted protection. Severe adverse reactions to Covid shots, including death, are alarmingly obvious. One of our farmer clients refuses the gene-therapy injections: “I’m staying in the control group. The mRNA and other ingredients would turn me into a GMO.”

Lawsuits by state governments and science-based medical groups may stall the Biden Administration’s enforcement of Covid shots — temporarily.

Update Dec. 18: On Dec. 17, a 2-1 decision by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati overruled previous court rulings which suspend the federal vax mandate for firms with 100 or more workers. This battle may wind up in the Supreme Court very soon. But meanwhile, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration announced it will begin issuing citations tied to its coronavirus vaccination mandate beginning Jan. 10.

So far, appeals that have reached the Supreme Court to date have upheld vaccine mandates by states and localities. Justices recently refused to issue an injunction against New York’s COVID-19 mRNA shot mandate for health care workers.

This is evidence that big government, big pharma and big hospitals are relentlessly pursuing 100% compliance on mRNA gene therapy. Austria’s government is imposing a national lockdown and mRNA injections for everyone 12 and over — plus  plans to inject kids age 5 through 11. Germany will probably follow Austria’s forced vaccinations if new restrictions on unvaccinated people announced Dec. 2 fail. China imposes total vax compliance. My biggest surprise on national mandates is formerly freedom-loving Australia, now a virtual police state. Aussies face vaccine passports and forced quarantine camps.

My favorite Wall Street Journal editorial writer, Kim Strassel, noted today that “No amount of masking, social distancing or locking down has stopped the surges of the past six months, including in states like Michigan and New Mexico, which boasted about their restrictions. The virus doesn’t follow executive orders.”

What follows are my personal observations. Many of our friends and family members understand the same facts. The current Administration wields the Covid pandemic as a pretext for near-dictatorial control. The psychological and legal war has split Americans into three worldviews:

A docile third of Americans accept masks, vax mandates and lockdowns — swallowing the Administration’s narrative parroted by CNN, MSNBC, NBC, the New York Times and other “mainstream” media. 

A middle third are uneasy about trusting the federal health agencies, but they go with the flow of major-media narratives.

The final third of Americans resist complying with injection mandates which they see are proven unscientific, ineffective, and damaging to health. They’re like American rebels who wrote our Constitution in 1787. Today’s courageous, fact-finding few want to preserve our freedoms, distrusting the disastrous federal fixation on gene-therapy vax mandates. They’re finding ways to bypass the Administration’s rules blocking your doctors from using low-cost, effective remedies such as ivermectin, proven around the world. Below we’ll point you to sources where you can join these leaders and become part of the surviving free remnant.

Historically, independent farmers have formed the bedrock of America’s constitutional freedoms. Today that includes medical freedom, which we’ve long taken for granted. Fortunately, our Constitution reserves such powers to the 50 states and “to the people.” 

As a journalist for 60-plus years in the Air Force and agriculture, I’ve studied the “madness of crowds.” Through history, power-hungry government officials and their allies in media and industry have instigated episodes of mass psychosis. Belgian clinical psychologist Dr. Mattias Desmet describes how a nation’s citizens drift into what he calls “mass formation” and lose their freedom. 

The first precondition: Fading of social connections and trust. These bonds have deteriorated in America since the 1960s. Recent divisiveness further weakens the unity that “we’re all Americans.” Examples: Public schools’ emphasis on critical race theory. Deepening political polarization. And now, forced masking, lockdowns and divisiveness over “vaxxed” and “unvaxxed.”

The second precondition: A majority of the nation’s people see little or no meaning in their lives. No purpose. They’re trapped on a conveyor belt, which drops them into oblivion at its end. 

The third precondition: With few friends and no purpose, people become constantly anxious. But they can’t identify a clear-cut source of their fears. 

Results of the three preconditions above: Explosive frustration and aggression with no apparent cause. Riots, looting, mass shootings, accelerating crime. Political persecutions. Rural towns battle crack and meth. Major cities hollow out with squalid homeless camps and police no-go zones.

Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch says, “Overall, I’d say that we’ve had a pandemic of fear. And fear has affected almost everybody, whereas the infection has affected relatively few. However, the fear was manufactured for everybody.”

In this fearful atmosphere, leaders demanding compliance to their regime as a path to safety convince millions of mesmerized people to sacrifice their freedom in the name of safety. No matter if the solution makes sense or not. Thus in today’s media-fueled mayhem of infinite Covid variants, people become compliant lemmings.

Dr. Desmet’s analysis is summed up in a report by Dr. Joseph Mercola. You can download it at this link. You can also see Desmet’s own description in a video podcast with Aubrey Marcus at this link on YouTube — although it might be censored soon.

But there is always a freedom-loving remnant, and that’s where America’s hope is found. 

Nurse Jennifer Bridges (left) and Dr. Mary Tally Bowdon
Photo courtesy of Emily’s Posts.

First, let’s look at a small victory which symbolizes how doctors, nurses and ordinary citizens can choose Covid recovery outside of medical mandates.

Houston Methodist Hospital was one of the first to mandate Covid jabs for its doctors, nurses and other staff. Dr. Mary Tally Bowdon practices independent of Houston Methodist, but she maintained admitting privileges in case any of her patients needed hospital care. As of November 2021 she had treated more than 2,000 Covid-19 patients without needing hospitalization for any. Her therapies included low-cost vitamins D and C, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. 

Dr. Bowdon also declined Covid shots for herself. This triggered a clash with Houston Methodist protocols, which comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Houston Methodist announced on Twitter that Dr. Bowdon’s admittance privileges were terminated. In response, she resigned from the hospital and gave an impromptu video announcement Nov. 17. As of early December 2021, it has been viewed more than 4 million times.

Here’s the encouraging sequel, a model for independent physicians: Jennifer Bridges, a nurse with years of experience, was fired along with some 150 other Houston Methodist health care workers refusing the mRNA jabs. Bridges has joined Dr. Bowdon’s private practice in what likeminded health care givers call a “dream team” for Covid patients. Independent reporter Emily Miller’s Substack report, Emily’s Posts, has the full story at this link. It’s a model for independent caregivers who use their own medical judgment. 

Another hopeful Covid-recovery story: A grandfather from Hong Kong, Sun Ng, contracted Covid on a visit to see his newborn granddaughter in the Chicago area. He was admitted to Edward Hospital, where doctors placed him on a ventilator. As Sun Ng’s condition worsened, the hospital refused his daughter’s request to administer ivermectin. She hired a lawyer, who convinced a judge to order Edward Hospital administrators to “stand aside” and allow a physician, Dr. Alan Bain, to administer ivermectin to Sun Ng. In five days, he regained strength and personally removed his ventilator tube. He soon recovered and left the hospital. His story is another example of how individuals can use legal means to bypass CDC’s Covid-treatment guidelines — which my friend Dr. Don Huber calls “death by protocol.” Epoch Times has the updated story here. 

Independent physicians urge totally ending use of mRNA shots: Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist, internist, and epidemiologist, strongly advocates alternative Covid treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. He urges an immediate halt to mRNA gene therapy. This link takes you to a Daily Exposé  summary of Dr. McCullough’s reasoning, including a video on the Stew Peters channel where the doctor summarizes the harm and deaths caused by gene-altering Covid injections.

In England, four out of five new Covid infections are among fully vaccinated people: The UK Health Security Agency’s weekly ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ report includes the vaccination status of cumulative Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths across England. Such vital detail isn’t available for the U.S. from America’s CDC or the Johns Hopkins covid data statistics. The UK report on Nov. 25 includes infections, hospitalizations and deaths from October 25 to November 21, so it reflects recent  available information on how England’s vaccinated people are faring against Covid-19.  The nearby chart, created by the Daily Exposé, forecasts a potentially difficult winter ahead for mRNA-injected Brits.


In mostly vaccinated England, death numbers attributed to Covid shots
in recent weeks were highest among the fully vaccinated

There were 833,332 recorded Covid-19 cases, 9,094 Covid-19 hospitalisations and 3,700 Covid-19 deaths from Oct. 25 to Nov. 21. Unvaccinated people accounted for 39% of all cases, 34% of all hospitalizations, and 19% of all deaths. However, vaccinated people accounted for 61% of all cases, 66% of all hospitalizations, and 81% of all deaths.

British health authorities report that slightly over 97 million people — 80% of the population age 12 and over — have received two mRNA shots, which is considered fully vaccinated. If the shots were as effective as originally promoted, it’s hard to explain why 81% of the latest months’ reported Covid deaths occurred among the 80% who’ve been vaccinated. 

Data in countries with aggressive lockdowns, masking and nRNA injections reveals ineffectiveness of such measures against the virus variants. But evidence is mounting that shutting down economies and isolating people imposes severe economic dislocations, psychological distress and death. This link brings you a PDF document describing those consequences, which are virtually ignored by the Administration’s shot-focused narrative.

The most dramatic epidemiological response I’ve seen to a public health policy decision arises in India. In Uttar Pradesh and other provinces where early Covid treatments downplayed vaccines and freely allowed low-cost early anti-viral ivermectin and other remedies, Covid outbreaks dropped dramatically

What you and your family can do now to remain safe from adverse mRNA vaccine reactions and the “madness of Washington crowds:”

1. First, become fully informed. Regularly update the Covid facts by reviewing the online sources we provided at this link in July 2021. Individual activists’ videos such as Rukshan Fernando in Australia and the Stew Peters Show give you data and reality checks you won’t see on networks. If you only follow “mainstream” media, all you’ll see and read is the Administration’s narrative repeating misinformation that Covid injections are “safe and effective.” For locating access to proven treatments, visit the Front Line Critical Care Alliance website.

2. Second, thoughtfully consider strengthening the immune systems of yourself, your family and all people who eat what you raise. Transition to non-GMO crops and increased use of biological management. Many scientists are concerned that toxic glyphosate residues — found in most American food — compromise our natural ability to fight off disease. 

3. Third, apply the principle of John 8: 31-32, quoting Jesus Christ assuring believers: “If you abide in my word, you are truly disciples of mine, and you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

That promise includes freedom from fear, which paralyzes millions of people into cowering under the control of medical mandates. This is spiritual warfare, not just a viral pandemic.

I asked our 13-year-old grandson his view of global Covid anxiety. He wrote:

“God did not cause the suffering, nor does He like it. But He allows it so He can teach us. He is allowing us to go through this so we can understand that we gain protection, fulfillment and guidance only by going to Him. This is so we won’t be blinded by slave mentality.”



 Updates in 2021:

Dec. 6:  Dr. Joseph Mercola observed today:  

“Masks don’t work. Lockdowns don’t work. Shutting down small businesses and schools don’t work. The COVID shots don’t work. Yet with the emergence of Omicron, governments are reimplementing all of the same countermeasures that haven’t worked for the past two years.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Yet that’s what’s passing for ‘science’ these days. The answer to this madness is mass-noncompliance. We must peacefully reject these wholly unscientific and harmful ‘remedies.'”

Dec. 7: Link to video by the Corbett Report, titled: The Real Anthony Fauci. (Ironically, we’re posting this on Dec. 7, the 80th anniversary of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor — and this nation is again at war. Hopefully the response will be as resolute as it was in 1941.)

Dec. 7: Is the mRNA gene therapy reducing fertility of an entire generation? Here’s a vital video in which Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Janci C. Lindsay, Ph.D, a molecular biologist. It’s embedded in a text report of a British news site, the Expose. Dr. Lindsay urges the immediate ending of the mRNA injection campaign

Dec. 14:  This link takes you to a 20-minute video presentation by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, the New York physician who developed a widely used early treatment system against Covid-19. It’s the simplest, clearest explanation of the battle underlying the Covid pandemic. This battle is between two belief systems. The outcome will shape the future of America — and the world. 

Dec. 15: Austrian legal authorities are preparing to impose harsh fines and up to 1 year imprisonment for citizens refusing to take the mRNA Covid shots.

Dec. 16: Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, reveals how FDA, CDC and the pharmaceutical industry are censoring and threatening research and physicians from reporting and using low-cost Covid therapies proven effective. Only the “official” government narrative is allowed; all medical people are expected to tell the public that mRNA vaccines are “safe and effective.”

Dr. Joe Mercola summarizes the interview at this link.

Dec. 17: A friend who struggled through three weeks of Covid-19 tried desperately to find a local physician who would allow outpatient treatment with therapies such as antibodies and ivermectin. She finally contacted a source within America’s Frontline Doctors who provided a $55 Zoom consultation and prescribed ivermectin from their list of pharmacies willing to fill the prescription. Our friend recovered, avoiding hospitalization, and sent us a message including this statement:

“Now that I’ve  gone through it, my attitude about vaccination mandates and all of the other Orwellian protocols have not changed. What HAS changed is my level of anger directed toward our medical establishment and political figures that are using this as a leverage for control. 

“Something this awful, and they haven’t figured out any acceptable alternative treatments or support care?? They still block patients from receiving alternative treatments and continue to block the truth about treatments in India, etc.? 
“God will judge them. The greed, the hypocrisy, the false self righteousness…   It’s the old diseased human condition at its worst. 
“It does give me comfort to remember psalm 23: He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies. With this much evil willing to express itself, it is even more clear to me now that it is God‘s hand holding back true disaster until the proper time. 
“Meanwhile we just have to love and support one another. The enemy hates this, which is why we should love and encourage each other — even more.”

Dec. 17:  A biological ag consultant in South Dakota sent us this link to a Great Mountain Publishing feature posted Dec. 2 by Edward Hendrie. The story embeds a video by German researcher Dr. Andrias Noack, one of the world’s leading specialists in graphene oxide. Shortly after posting the video, he was assaulted and killed. Dr. Hendrie revealed the presence and the effects of nanoparticle graphene oxide in mRNA shots. These razor-like ribbons, only about 50 nanometers long and one molecule thick, are like minuscule razors circulating in the blood of mRNA recipients.

Dec. 19: Dr. Joseph Mercola posted a new analysis of what the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in America reveals — and conceals — about dangers of the mRNA jabs. I suggest that you read this summary, then visit the website of Dr. Jessica Rose, who specializes in both virology and statistical methods.

Dec. 19: In a video interview, Sara Boyle, wife of a Church of England vicar, describes the vax campaign as a spiritual battle — history’s most momentous.   The video is available in an Expose news report at this link.

Dec. 20: A Wall Street Journal analysis reveals why lockdowns and quarantines are futile ways to stop Covid spread. Our CDC, FDA and the WHO knew this from histories of previous pandemics. So why are draconian forced vax programs, lockdowns and other mandates being pursued? The article by Phillip Magness and Peter C. Earle concludes: “So why did public-health authorities abandon their opposition to lockdowns? Why did they rush to embrace the untested claims of flawed epidemiological modeling? One answer appears in the Johns Hopkins study from 2019: “Some NPIs, such as travel restrictions and quarantine, might be pursued for social or political purposes by political leaders, rather than pursued because of public health evidence.”