Renewable Farming

Early signals of root response to Lignition seed treatment

June 5, 2017 — Today, one of our farmer research cooperators sent us this photo showing roots of corn seed-treated with the biostimulant Lignition (on the right), compared to roots of untreated corn.

This early in the season, some of the differences are subtle, but our farmer client tells us, “When you dig up several roots of treated versus untreated, one difference is clear: On the seed-treated rows, there are more fine roots branching off the main roots, compared to the corn in untreated rows.”

He placed treated seed in half the planter boxes, so it’s easy to see differences right to the row. 

Also, the treated rows show more soil clinging to the roots — an indication of more networking off the main roots. 

The grower treated the seed with a solution of Lignition, which comes as a dry soluble product. 

He also phoned to say that “another difference you can see when the sun is right, but I couldn’t capture by camera, is a slight difference in leaf color between treated and untreated. That shows up right to the row.”

Comparison of corn roots untreated (left) with Lignition seed-treated (right)