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Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Courage to care about our food despite controversy

One of the greatest adventures of exploring what we call “Renewable Farming” is interacting with courageous researchers who dig out the truth in highly disputed scientific areas — such as food safety.

One of those heroes is Dr. Don Huber, professor emeritus of Purdue University. He has unmasked dozens of facts about the dangers of transgenic foods and their related toxic chemicals, especially glyphosate.

Another scientific warrior is Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dr. Seneff’s 30-year career has focused on computer analysis of biological processes. She has published more than 170 scientific papers in this realm. This has given her unique capabilities of analyzing health patterns in human populations.

In recent years, concern over soaring rates of chronic diseases in our society has led her to focus on the links between nutrition and health. Since 2011, she has authored or co-authored over a dozen peer-reviewed papers in medical and health-related journals.

Her depth of knowledge and cheerful, straight-talking spirit has attracted speaking invitations to medical and health-related conferences around the world. Many of her recent presentations concentrate on the links between America’s epidemic rise in chronic diseases and the spectacular rise in use of genetically modified foods, glyphosate and other linked chemicals.

Ironically, Dr. Seneff finds that non-U.S. scientific communities are far more interested in the food/health connection than those here in America, where chronic disease rates are going parabolic. The percentage of U.S. children diagnosed with autism is rising at an accelerating rate. If this rate of increase continues, half the children born in 2032 will be diagnosed with autism by the time they reach age 10. The rate for boys is even higher.

Dr. Seneff was invited to speak at a conference in Taiwan last summer. For a detailed copy of one of Dr. Seneff’s presentations on GMOs, glyphosate and U.S. health prognosis, click on this link to download a PDF. 

And a few days ago, Taiwan’s public school officials formally banned GMO foodstuffs from school cafeterias — a clear-cut concern over the fact that foods containing GMO ingredients and glyphosate residue are endemic in their society. 

A leading Taiwan television personality, Sisy Chen, came to the U.S. to interview Dr. Seneff on this subject, and produced a program broadcast throughout Taiwan, a nation of almost 24 million people and an important market for U.S. corn and soybeans. The interview couldn’t be seen on U.S. television, but it’s posted on YouTube. The commentary by Sisy Chen is in Chinese, but you can easily get the facts from Dr. Seneff as she’s speaking English. 

Dr. Seneff’s home page at MIT (please see this link) has a current list of recent presentations on these subjects, along with links enabling you to  download and view them in PDF or PowerPoint form.

Food-safety groups have also posted many of her presentations on YouTube. Do a search within YouTube for Dr. Stephanie Seneff for an overview. Here’s a link to one of her recent presentations on glyphosate.

These are not the kind of presentations you’ll find among the U.S. ag media which depends on the “big six” seed/chemical multinationals for ad support. 

But if you are among the leading edge of U.S. producers who want to know what’s approaching your marketplace from just over the horizon, you’ll find the evidence interesting. And, much more personally, you might see some evidence that moves you to protect your own family’s health.