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The Dog Test: They Can Detect and Choose Pursanova Activated Water

May 30, 2017 By Erik Carlson — A customer of the water treatment company Pursanova decided to put activated water to the test. He provided both tap water and Pursanova-treated water for his dog to drink. In This Video, the dog quickly chooses the water treated with a Pursanova “Fusion” packet of ores. This home-use application is just one of the techniques which Pursanova uses to activate water.

Update August 6, 2017 — When the above video began going viral on YouTube, other users of the water activation ores contained in the household Pursafusion capsule asked for repetition of the experiment. Several skeptical dog owners got involved, and this time the test was done with several dogs and several kinds of high-quality bottled water.  In the sequence of YouTube video scenes at the following blue-colored web link, you’ll note that the dogs always chose the Pursanova activated water. Because dogs have a keen sense of smell, they simply sniffed and chose in these clips. Click on:

We use Pursanova water treatment systems for home and agriculture and are familiar with the results it provides, from increased foliar efficiency to better taste and improved health. Growing up, I watched as my father tested many different varieties of water structuring devices from various designers. The principles seemed sound, but the technology was apparently hard to pin down. Some of them worked fairly well, some not so well. When I met Vatche at a BRT field day in Mud Creek, IA, several years ago, I realized his approach was different than all of the others; it showed great promise. 

The Pursanova system was designed to mimic the way water is energized in nature. The design utilizes certain ores sintered into balls at high temperatures. Water cascading down a rocky mountain will “activate” as the molecules become arranged in optimal shape to deliver hydration and health. Pursanova’s founder, Vatché Keuftedjian, was inspired to study creation’s own ways of cleaning and optimizing water as it moves through the earth and streams. The results are solid. Pursanova water treatment tubes and systems are in use worldwide, in major manufacturing and government facilities. 

We have watched over the years as growers, animal caretakers, farmers and homeowners alike have shared stories of animals “choosing” one food or drink over another, from apple cider vinegar, feed additives and most notably, GMO or non-GMO food. Animals will  choose non-GMO food over its engineered counterpart, given a choice. Even mice will devour non-GMO corn and leave GMO corn alone, unless they are starving.

Many animals do not have this choice, and it may not be a coincidence that animals throughout the U.S. and other countries that allow GMO food production and sales now suffer a myriad of health problems, including genetic damage,  that were virtually nonexistent in those types of animals a few decades ago. The system is profitable for some, however, and billions of dollars are now spent on pet health care as owners struggle to control one symptom and ailment after the next with medication and “slow feeding” pet bowls. The solution? For those in the know it’s simple: give your animals clean water without fluoride and chlorine, and feed them healthy, wholesome non-GMO food, whether it be table scraps, homemade food, or prepackaged, high quality non-GMO food prepared by a trusted pet food provider.

Could it be possible that the rule of “do not feeed your pet table scraps” was imposed by the pet food lobby, years ago? One wonders if these huge companies do sometimes choose to do unethical things, in order to make huge profits.  After all, pets and animals can’t talk. 

The dog in this customer’s video chooses water treated simply with Pursanova’s “Pursa Fusion” stick, which can be dropped into a container of water where it rapidly improves the hydration capability of water.

If I hadn’t seen it for myself for years, I’d still be skeptical. It is satisfying to know that you are giving your animals the cleanest water, and best, most nutrient dense and cleanest food that you can reasonably provide. We do have a responsibility to care for our animals, and our world. 

We have a system installed at our acreage that treats all water used — from foliar feeding to taking showers and drinking. It has been interesting to note how our foliar fertilizers become more efficient with Pursanova water, requiring less product per acre. We combine the Pursanova-activated water with WakeUP for a super-efficient foliar application that allows us to cut foliar fertilizer rates.

While our culture suffers from information overload and a slew of better mileage, better health, better whatever products that often do not work as advertised and sometimes are a blatant scam, we like to keep a list of products that really work in our vest pocket and hold them close. Many leading growers do the same; once you have found a “secret weapon” that really works, add it to your arsenal and keep using it to your advantage, to increase your productivity and often, your health.

When you find someone you can trust, you hold them close as well; and we have grown to trust Vatché over the years, as we have watched him grow Pursanova from a medium sized business into a worldwide force that is changing the way companies, governments, and individuals think about water.