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China demonstrates that natural, plant-based medicines are effective against Covid-19

I’ll open this report by repeating a comment from our son Erik, who runs Renewable Farming LLC: “God provided a full array of plant life for humanity’s chronic diseases. We only need to know how to use those plants.” 

July 20, 2020  By Jerry Carlson — I first quoted Erik’s observation Feb. 27, 2020 on this website as the worldwide Covid-19 wave was gaining intensity. Our news report pointed to the fact that after the first burst of infection, China appeared to be managing Covid containment and healing faster than other nations. 

In that Feb. 27 story I raised this question: Are China’s physicians and citizens taking protective measures more seriously than Americans? Are they also relying heavily on traditional Chinese medicine rather than “Western” protocols? Our Chinese sources indicated that was the case.

Today, an e-mailed column from Dr. Joseph Mercola — citing a wide array of scientific sources — verified that across China and much of Asia, more than 90% of China’s physicians have been treating Covid-19 symptoms with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Licorice herb, used in TCM for licorice root

An English-language posting on China’s State Council website lists “Six effective Traditional Chinese Medicine recipes for Covid-19.” 

Chinese practitioners are documenting TCM’s effectiveness in preventing and reducing viral symptoms.  America’s official health leaders in the CDC and NIH have virtually ignored that success. Our media has instead focused on blaming China’s party officials for their obvious early coverup. Our agencies and media have also spent lots of TV time bickering about an old standby drug, quinine, in the form of hydroxychloroquine.

Meanwhile, billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are flooding into the search for new patentable drugs and vaccines. Although three new vaccines are close to final-round trials, their eventual effectiveness is untested against  mutant variations in the Covid-19 genome. 

My personal familiarity with TCM is limited to the past four years, when I was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer. My physician at that time implied that I didn’t have much time left. Instead of conventional Western treatments, I began taking a series of encapsulated TCM herbals prescribed by a Hong Kong based health advisor. Four years later, I’m still here. Thus I’m fairly open-minded about alternative health protocols such as TCM, homeopathy, chiropractic biophysics and Gerson Therapy. All these treat the whole person, not just symptoms. The urge to survive is a powerful motivator.

I recognize the limitations of finding a U.S. physician trained in prescribing traditional Chinese medicines. There are only a few hundred members of the Association of Chinese American Physicians, and they’re concentrated on the East Coast.

The main point relative to farmers is that as a crop producer, you are probably more able to see firsthand how the power of growing things can be so richly varied, adaptable and useful in health and healing. We need to learn more about how to use those plants. And how to raise them toxin-free for everyone’s health.