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An encouraging update on the coronavirus epidemic — direct from a safety expert in China

Here’s a detailed e-mail directly from a retired Chinese health and safety expert living in Beijing, offering a fairly optimistic view of that country’s coronavirus epidemic.  First, some background:
February 16, 2020  By Jerry Carlson — In 2014, a retired national-level safety and disaster prevention advisor to the Chinese government, Mr. Chen-I-Wan, was instrumental in organizing an international food safety conference in Beijing. Several American ag consultants and scientists with concerns over GMOs and glyphosate attended that conference. 
Among those American visitors, Chen I-Wan’s informal name became “Chenny.”  We’ve monitored Chenny’s e-mail forum with scientists worldwide since the conference for fresh information on food safety, particularly GMO and glyphosate issues. But I hadn’t seen news from him for more than a year.
So I e-mailed Chenny late last week, asking for an update on the coronavirus — as a very experienced health and safety expert in China. I prefaced my question with my opinion: “Chenny, my view is that the general immune defenses of modern populations are being stressed by many toxins including glyphosate, EMFs and pollution, making us more vulnerable to viral and bacterial diseases.”
Here’s the response by e-mail from Chen I-wan: 
Mr. Chen I-wan
Dear Jerry,
My views recently communicated with colleagues in China generally agree with your comment about compromised immune systems.
A doctor in Wuhan fighting the epidemic has also confirmed: Most of those who died either are old age, or have certain chronic diseases. Most of those with much lighter symptoms are people in younger/middle age with stronger immunity and disease resistance.
However, I must emphasize that such toxins causing the greatest harm to the general immune defenses of modern populations, especially in China, include:
1) Toxins added or “residuals” approved/allowed in vaccines: thimerosal, formaldehyde, aluminum, polysorbate 80,  boric acid, histidine, and a series of health-harming biological components.
2) Food oil is processed by neurotoxic n-hexane solvent, and most people worldwide are not aware that such n-hexane solvent contains benzine residuals.
3) A series of agricultural chemicals, especially Glyphosate/Roundup and Atrazine are still very widely applied in China.
4) Food salt consumed by most people in China contains added “Potassium iodate” which contains approved/allowed residues of lead and arsenic.
5) China still is the world’s No.1 importer/consumer of Roundup Ready soybeans from the U.S., Brazil and Argentina, with high levels of glyphosate. A very large amount of RR soybean is processed into n-hexane extracted food oil and RR soybean protein powder. The Chinese National Food Administration Bureau approves/allows n-hexane processed RR soybean protein powder to be used in infant formulas.
With regards to EMF, [electromagnetic fields] especially 5G wireless, I must admit that I have not carefully studied its effect on the general population. ButI  would like to introduce the following: During the early 90s I learned from an outstanding American physicist that the greatest harm caused by EMF to human health is primarily not due to the intensity of EMFs, but the specific frequency bands of the EMFs. She and her team discovered that the heart electromagnetic system works with specific frequency bands. Thus if the frequency bandwidth of environmental EMF interferes with such frequency bandwidths of the heart system, even at minimum intensity, it could cause fatal harm to the heart system.
I have also learned, but not carefully studied, that the 5G system developed by Huawei, and the “5G system” developed by Western corporations, works in different frequency bandwiths. What effect do they cause to human health, the same, or different, requires further careful study.
Concerning the present coronavirus epidemic in China, I would like to comment with the following:
1) It is very very serious.
2) It has already been very well contained/controlled outside the Wuhan/Hubei province area: The number of new cases and deaths are reducing significantly, and a large number of cured patients are increasing.
3) It is being contained/controlled in the Wuhan/Hubei province area. The number of new cases and deaths are now reducing every day, while the number of cured are also increasing every day. (See nearby chart)
The government has organized over 25,000 medical professionals from all over China, flying them into Wuhan/Hubei province. Most provinces have to date sent 4 to 5 teams to Wuhan/Hubei province. The government has ordered every infected suspect be tested by nucleic acid detection kits, and if necessary by CT (certain patients show negative, but CT shows their lungs are already infected).
Beijing, Shanghai and many cities in China have adopted the following regulations at traffic entries: Those not residents of the city are turned back to their origin. Residents of the city with fever are quarantined in isolation for 14 days in medically supervised facilities. Once found infected with the coronavirus, residents are  immediately sent to special hospital facilities.
In our apartment compound, it’s mandatory that anybody returning from other locations must isolate themselves in the home for 14 days. All residents purchase food and other supplies via mobil phone from supply stores. The purchased supplies are delivered to outside the gate of our compound. The outside package is spray disinfected and then brought into the gate. Residents take off the outside packaging and take the food back home. Besides those who must go to work, most residents do not leave the compound, although they can if they want to.
Local apartment staff members phone each residence regularly to inquire if anybody has fever and feeling ill. If such a person is found, special vehicles would come and take the suspect to special hospitals.
We are all calm, patient, waiting for the Beijing government to declare “no new cases for … days.” This might happen in another 15 days.
We all are confident that the Chinese government is presently taking all necessary measures to fully contain the epidemic and restore normal life as soon as possible.
On the other hand, those who are responsible for enabling the epidemic get out of control during late Dec./early/mid January will surely get punished.
The Hubei province Qianjiang county (only 200 km away; very close to Wuhan) government initiated a series of effective preventitive measures against the mysterious epidemic in early January, and is proud that they have the least number of infected patients in the whole Hubei province.
Another important experience is that widely used Chinese herbal medicine plays a most successful role in treatment of infected patients!
Best regards
For an archive review of Chenny’s early work on health and food safety, you can see an earlier report from us at this link.
Update February 19: The chart below shows that the daily count of new Covid-19 cases in China is beginning to stabilize or possibly decline slightly. Officials are cautious about this, wanting to see several days of consistent decline. The sudden spike in cases Feb. 12-13 was due to reclassifying patients after re-testing with a more rigorous testing procedure.