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Canada intends to raise glyphosate/AMPA residue allowance in food crops

Canada’s Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency is proposing an increase in allowable residues in its grains and pulses such as wheat, barley and lentils. The apparent justification: Observed levels of residues in crops are rising; therefore the regs must allow for it. There’s no indication of new toxicity tests for safety.

July 5, 2021  The proposed maximum residue limitation (MRL) for rolled oats, for example, is 35 parts per million (PPM) of glyphosate and AMPA. (AMPA is a breakdown product of glyphosate.) The current MRL for unmilled oats is 15 PPM. 

The agency’s rationale for new changes is actual field data from crops treated with glyphosate as a desiccant before harvest. You can see the agency’s proposal in detail at this link

Here’s the summary statement by the regulatory agency:

“Following the review of all available data, MRLs as proposed in Table 1 are recommended to cover residues of glyphosate and AMPA (expressed in parent equivalents). Residues of glyphosate and AMPA in these imported crop commodities at the proposed MRLs will not pose an unacceptable risk to any segment of the population, including infants, children, adults and seniors.”

Several years ago, major breweries began avoiding barley and other grains desiccated with glyphosate, which inhibited organisms essential for fermentation. As one of our friends of German descent observed, “Disrupting beer brewing is a serious threat.”

Glyphosate is a patented bactericide. And for almost a decade, researchers and nutrition specialists have questioned the possible linkage between GMO/glyphosate and “gluten intolerance.” Historically, wheat as the bread of life hasn’t triggered widespread gluten intolerance or celiac disease. One example of early data on the gluten issue is this 2013 analysis by The Institute for Responsible Technology.

Desiccating wheat(Photo courtesy of the Organic and Non-GMO Report)

Update July 7, 2021:  Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America, responded to Canada’s raising of glyphosate allowances with this comment e-mailed to members:


Dear International Friends,

I am writing an article about the insanity of raising the glyphosate MRLs – Canada is raising theirs to 35 ppm for example – especially during a global health crisis ( which was happening long before COVID.)

If you have a comment on Canada’s proposal – please email me with 24 hours if possible. I would like to include international voices. Thank you so much.

With Gratitude,

Zen Honeycutt, 

Founding Executive Director, Moms Across America 


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