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Book early for the best non-GMO hybrids and varieties for 2017

A No-Till Farmer magazine survey of 400 readers indicates an ongoing shift away from Roundup Ready traits. 

Non-GMO corn gained share of market in 2016, along with LibertyLink technology.  

The survey doesn’t forecast farmers’ intentions for seed choices in 2017. However, from our own visits and observations, the trend toward non-GMO will probably gain acreage again.

For the 2016 crop season, 80% of No-Till Farmer readers said they planned to use Roundup Ready corn, down from 85% in in 2015.

Soybean growers reduced their Roundup Ready acreage from 91% in 2015 to 85% this season, 2015, a slightly greater drop than corn.

You can read Darrell Bruggink’s full report in No-Till Farmer at this link.

We suggest that if you’re considering a transition to non-GMO, check out seed trials in 2016 and line up your top hybrid and variety candidates early.