Renewable Farming

Belize, a little-known “Jewel of the Caribbean,” discovers Renewable Farming


This brief report links you to a new 40-page Belize Ag Report, giving you a glimpse of fascinating farming diversity in Central America. Belize is the only Central American nation whose official language is English. A substantial number of American farmers have found that convenient — they’ve established farming operations in Belize.

March 24, 1021 by Jerry Carlson — My first glimpse of the rich diversity in Belize agriculture occurred when longtime friend Vatché Keuftedjian asked me to write a description of his Pursanova water treatment technology for homes, farms and industry. That had originated from a request by Belize Ag Report Editor/Publisher Beth Roberson. 

You can download and read the entire current Belize Ag Report for free at this link. My article on Pursanova systems appears on pages 10 and 11.

Beth Roberson enthusiastically promotes soil health and ecologically sound farming. This is especially crucial in tropical climates, where soils typically lack organic matter and general fertility. Until recent years, Belize farmers have tried to offset poor soil fertility with conventional NPK and chemicals. They’re searching for more renewable answers, and editor Beth Roberson is dedicated to delivering them. She has encouraged leading consultants like Neil Kinsey and Dr. Don Huber to speak to Belize farmer conferences. 

When she learned that our family company, Renewable Farming, manufactures WakeUP as an ecologically sound adjuvant for agriculture, she offered us a free advertisement in the Ag Report (see page 37 of the downloaded PDF). WakeUP is especially effective in tropical climates, both as a mobilizer for in-furrow and foliar nutrients, and as a biostimulant applied as a foliar. 

Here’s a good opportunity to learn more about Belize agriculture: Join a “Regeneration Belize” online presentation May 8 or a broader conference Nov. 8-10. See the ad on page 27 of the Belize Ag Report for details. Also, for an overview of this country, visit the website

Here’s part of the cover page for the current Belize Ag Report, courtesy of Editor Beth Roberson.