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At Senate hearing, doctor describes controversial Covid-19 preventive and treatment

Ivermectin has proven safe as an anti-parasitic drug for people and animals, used worldwide for many years. Until recently you could buy it at Tractor Supply and other farm stores in a formulation intended for livestock. But on Dec. 8, ivermectin became explosively controversial (Facebook banned doctors’ Senate testimony) when the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Government Affairs held a hearing on early outpatient treatment for Covid-19.

Pierre Kory. M.D. at Senate hearing Oct. 8, 2020

December 10, 2020 By Jerry Carlson — One of our farmer friends urged us to alert farmers and ranchers to the Senate testimony of Pierre Kory, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He represents a large national group of critical care physicians working intensively with Covid-19 patients. They’ve coordinated efforts to screen safe existing drugs for treating the Covid virus. 

As of today, more than 63,000 viewers have watched an 8-minute video excerpt of Dr. Kory’s testimony on ivermectin before the Senate committee.

You can download a PDF version of Dr. Kory’s full written testimony from our website at this link.  It carries detailed statistical studies. Testimony from all physicians at the Senate hearing Oct. 8 are available at the Senate hearing archive. The complete protocol they recommend is posted on the doctors’ website, Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance.

And here’s an interview of Dr. Kory by Fox News.  

Dr. Kory told senators Oct. 8:

“Before proceeding, I want to bring attention to two critical deficits in our national treatment response that has made this hearing necessary in the first place. Besides the early interest and research into hydroxychloroquine, we can find no other significant efforts to research the use of any other already existing, safe, low-cost therapeutic agents. Seemingly the only research and treatment focus that we have observed on a national scale is with novel or high-cost pharmaceutically engineered products such as remdesivir, monoclonal antibodies, tocilizumab, with all such therapies costing thousands of dollars. This is consistent with conclusions drawn by a physician consulting to Congress about Covid-19 when she concluded, ‘There is a pervasive problem on the Hill with how we prove the value of a low cost treatment.’

“Another barrier has been the censorship of all of our attempts at disseminating critical scientific information on Facebook and other social media, with our pages repeatedly being blocked. Finally, we believe the lack of clinical experts on the existing task forces is further hindering progress on identifying effective therapeutics. We can identify almost no members with any similarities to the skill set, clinical knowledge base, and patient care experience to our group of expert clinicians.”

Earlier this year, we published several Covid-related articles, emphasizing that farmers are the front line of defense against diseases because good food is the foundation for a strong immune system.  However, we’ve seen no significant recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, Food and Drug Administration or the Covid-19 task force recommending basic immune strengthening. 

In April 2020, we posted an article including links to physicians skilled in the science of homeopathy. A quote from that article:

“In pandemics dating back to 1813, the medical record shows that classic homeopathic practitioners have succeeded far better than other Western medicine treatments in healing people. André Saine, N.D., member of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathyhas researched the track record of homeopathy in treating patients in pandemics. For full details updated regularly, visit the Academy’s website. You can also download a PDF of Dr. André Saine’s 160-plus-page March 28, 2020 presentation using this link. If you’re on a tractor doing fieldwork, you can listen to the video of his webinar on YouTube at this link.

On July 20, we told how the Chinese emphasized traditional Chinese remedies early in the pandemic, with effective response in treating the virus. 

Though The WHO, CDC, FDA and other official medical agencies remain focused on billions of dollars for vaccines, they haven’t been able to totally censor alternative treatment reports from independent physicians and researchers. As Shakespeare wrote, “Truth will out.” Not even the oligarchs of Google, YouTube and Facebook can stop truth from leaking around their barriers. In recent weeks a swarm of YouTube posts have revealed a tsunami of positive case evidence for ivermectin versus Covid-19. This link takes you to a search of YouTube archives related ivermectin + covid.  

Ironically, some of the findings of ivermectin’s affect on the Covid-19 virus have been almost accidental. Here’s a link to an interview by Dr. Jennifer Hibberd with a Toronto nursing home administrator who found that when Covid patients were treated with ivermectin for scabies, positive results occurred in their Covid symptoms.

Update Dec. 13: For a fascinating review of ivermectin’s discovery and effectiveness, read this article by Andy Crump in the Feb. 15, 2017 Journal of Antibiotics. Iowa farmer Howard Vlieger flagged our attention to it this morning.

Update Jan. 4, 2021:  The European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences found its Twitter account censored after publishing a research paper Dec. 15, 2020, reporting very favorable benefits of using Ivermectin as a preventive against Covid-19. This does not fit the WHO or CDC narrative. Twitter fact-checkers, however, placed themselves above the 13 cooperating researchers. Here’s the result lifted directly from the journal:

“Result: 73.3% (44 out of 60) subjects in control group were positive for COVID-19, whereas only 6.9% (4 out of 58) of the experimental group
were diagnosed with COVID-19 (p – value < 0.05).
“Conclusion: Ivermectin, an FDA-approved, safe, cheap and widely available drug, should be subjected to large-scale trials all over the world to ascertain its effectiveness as pre-exposure prophylaxis for COVID-19.”
You can read the entire journal article, uncensored, at this link:

Update January 16, 2021 Since Ivermectin was heavily politicized early in 2020, it’s no surprise that a political analysis website, American Thinker, is reporting that the National Institute of Health has recognized Ivermectin as an appropriate prescription for Covid-19.