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AgriEnergy Resources highlights WakeUP in national ad

AgriEnergy Resources of Princeton, IL has a mission of building biologically healthy soil fertility. It’s one of the nation’s most experienced and respected providers of biologically beneficial fertility — and the educational services to make it effective.

So we feel honored to have a little “spot” in their national full-page color ad on the inside back cover of the July 2015 ACRES magazine. (That ad is at the bottom of this page.) AgriEnergy is one of our key distributors of WakeUP.  The combination of our product as a niche in their full fertility lineup is an example of what we do:  We don’t make fertilizer; we make fertility products work better.  Especially foliar fertilizers.

We’ve used AgriEnergy’s flagship fertility products on our land for a couple of decades.

WakeUP Summer and AgriEnergy Accelerator are synergistic

And since 2008 when we encountered colloidal micelle technology, we’ve found synergistic responses between WakeUP Summer and some of their foliar fertility products such as Accelerator. The nearby chart shows the summary of such a field trial in 2013.

Several years ago, AgriEnergy lab-tested WakeUP to see if it has any impact on the bacterial and mycorrhizal organisms in one of their flagship biological products, Residuce.

Residuce is a crop residue digester which speeds conversion of raw cellulose and lignin into active humus and available NPK. The petri dish test showed WakeUP Spring’s formulation was benign in the petri dish. Thus we’re increasingly comfortable with adding WakeUP Spring with nutrients and biological blends in-furrow, near the seed. Farmers tell us that WakeUP Spring applied in-furrow or 2×2 helps mobilize NPK and trace elements into the root.

Some of our field trials also show promise that WakeUP mobilizes in-furrow nutrients manufactured by AgriEnergy. Click here to download a PDF report on a 2013 strip trial we ran with WakeUP Spring placed in-furrow with AgriEnergy’s SP-1 biological blend. For years, SP-1 has been one of the most versatile mixes of beneficial biology we’ve seen. 

Here is that AgriEnergy ad:

ACRES July 2015 ad by AgriEnergy Resources