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AgriEnergy Resources blossoms into a biological fertility leader — nationwide

This fall, AgriEnergy Resources of Princeton, IL celebrates 30 years of growth by providing farmers with a full range of biological, organic and conventional fertility products and services. We’ve delighted to share the entire adventure with enthused, profitable clients — who are also good friends. 

Dec. 2, 2017   By Jerry Carlson — In 1987, Dave Larson and his wife Carolyn visited me at Professional Farmers of America and outlined his vision for their new company.  Dave planned to discover and develop “biological farming” technologies for farmers. He envisioned that unlocking the power of soil biology could create a more profitable, resilient growing system than “conventional” NPK applications. And as a professional farm manager, active farmer and intense student of agronomy, Dave knew he could build it. He and I traveled several states, visiting innovators like Bruce Tanio near Spokane, Washington. Bruce had already pioneered in beneficial microbial, micorrhizal and actinomycetes inoculants to release and multiply the benefits of soil nutrients.

In the fall of 1987, Dave founded the firm he called “AgriEnergy Resources.” He chose a name which signals how biological energy generates multiple, beneficial reactions for crop growth and nutrient density. He based the manufacturing plant and research base on his farm just north of Princeton, Illinois.

Flash forward 30 years to this week in fall 2017: I attended a meeting with about 40 other “biological farming” enthusiasts which included local AgriEnergy dealers from 22 states plus AgriEnergy’s team of 12 professionals. AgriEnergy has blossomed and matured into a full-service crop nutrient consultant and fertility provider. AgriEnergy has also developed innovative products which led the way for major agribusiness firms who were trying to “go biological.”

One leading microbial product, SP-1, has generated consistent yield results over the years. And when we field-tested SP-1 with WakeUP Spring in-furrow on corn, we found they’re synergistic. SP-1 in-furrow unleashes a bloom of beneficial mycorrhiza and bacteria around the roots. In turn, those organisms speed conversion of soil nutrients and enhance growth. WakeUP Spring accelerates absorption of those dissolved nutrients into roots and crop metabolism.

Many firms, including the multinational agribusiness giants, are attempting to create communities of microbial organisms that mimic what SP-1 does. But that takes years of trials — just as AgriEnergy had to go through. 

Years of field experience show that increasing the array of beneficial soil organisms can enhance active humus levels, which reflects in darker color and higher cation exchange capacity.  Here’s one example of actual soil tests reflecting a CEC change after using SP-1.

Dave Larson was a key speaker at several Pro Farmer “Renewable Farming” seminars in the 1980s and 90s. He pointed the way toward eventual establishment of our company, Renewable Farming LLC. Dave documented that a highly fertile, productive soil is “the one with the widest range and highest level of beneficial microorganisms.”

Today, a new generation of soil health advocates is re-documenting that fundamental principle.

Yield result of SP-1 in-furrow, Corn, 2013

One of our research farm’s tests with SP-1 was in 2013, which confirmed that WakeUP Spring bumped up corn yield response to SP-1 when tank-mixed with SP-1 and applied in-furrow. We had strip space for a late-planted corn trial, and found that SP-1 generated a 6-bu. response when it was used in-furrow.  Adding WakeUP Spring added 8.5 more bushels.  This was on a late-planted area which is not noted for exceptionally high yields. You can see the results on the nearby chart.

You can also download a 2-page PDF report which we wrote after that trial, detailing how just 3 ounces of WakeUP Spring in-furrow enhanced the yield gains with SP-1. 

AgriEnergy also offers a full line of conventional, custom-blended and organic nutrient products. Check out their product line at For several years, AgriEnergy has been one of our key distributors, and in 2017 we began a gradual start in offering their products to our WakeUP clients.

We’ll expand our knowledge base and distribution of AgriEnergy technology in 2018 and beyond.