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Ag Secretary nominee Sonny Perdue brings veterinary training, Georgia governor’s experience to USDA

Reactions have been mostly positive to Sonny Perdue’s nomination as new Secretary of Agriculture — except for mainstream media critics noting that the new U.S. cabinet contains no ethnic Hispanics. 

Perdue’s selection means USDA will again be administered by a former governor, as it was under outgoing ag secretary Vilsack. Purdue focused on simplifying and cost-cutting during his two terms as governor of Georgia.

After leaving that office, he launched Perdue Partners LLC based in Atlanta, intended to help U.S. firms market goods and services overseas.

A Greenpeace spokesperson scoffed that Perdue is a “former fertilizer salesman” who portends easier ag regulations instead of someone who intends to clean up the planet. Anti-GMO organizations see Perdue as too friendly to the biotech industry, but this isn’t anything new among secretaries of agriculture. The non-GMO choice will be made from the family up, not the government down.

The chatterati of our vigilant press will dig up details so we will wait to see how this new leader sets up shop.

On the Pro Farmer website, Jim Wiesemeyer and Roger Bernard offer a quick summary of Perdue’s background.