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A nationwide group of biosecurity advocates asks government for stronger food safety policies

A nationwide group of 127 food safety specialists has appealed to the government for a thoroughly revised food safety and biosecurity law to guard the nation’s health.

July 16, 2020  By Jerry Carlson —  Their open letter to senior government officials stresses: 

”We believe that legislators must have a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the severe situation showing that the nation’s ability to sustain safety, health, survival, reproduction and development has suffered from serious deteriorations of health and biosecurity. such as:

“A. Current polices and laws are not conducive to exposing, containing, and resolving the extremely serious health and biosecurity problems caused by years of malfeasance and connivance by multi-department and multi-discipline in government. Rather, these problems have been covered up, solidified and even exacerbated these problems. Current policy suppresses groups that expose these problems.

“B. Current policies construct a “protection umbrella” that protects the financial interests of established groups at home and abroad. We cannot allow the relevant government departments to continue to cover up and condone these biosecurity problems.”

The team of 127 specialists assembled 58 scientific studies providing detailed data on deterioration of health and safety among the nation’s people. Also, they proposed a series of fundamental revisions in policy. 

In addition, the team provided an annex to their letter, listing 14 specific examples of results from failed policies which they urged officials to investigate. Five of those examples are highlighted in the opening letter: 

1) The incidence of malignant and chronic diseases has continued to rapidly increase for many years, rather than decline;

2) The infertility rate in all regions of the country has continued to rapidly increase for many years, rather than falling;

3) The national mortality rate in the 40-55 age group has continued to increase for many years, rather than decline;

4) The physique of young people across the country has continued to decline for many years, rather than getting stronger;

5) Our population’s personal immunity from disease has continued to deteriorate, rather than strengthening.

Those five observations about national health trends probably sound distressingly familiar to you and most observant Americans. 

But now, full disclosure: The warning letter excerpted above was written by 127 Chinese biosecurity specialists. It was sent to top officials in the Chinese government. (I edited it slightly to remove the giveaway Chinese references.)

It struck me that their observations apply almost precisely to our own American population. But so far, no high-level group of advocates has urged the American government to reverse the erosion in national health trends.

One national consensus is emerging across America: If Americans were much healthier, we’d have dramatically higher immunity to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2006, researchers Thomas and Colin Campbell published “the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and the startling implications for diet, weight loss and long-term health.” It was titled The China Study, and has been updated since. 

Much of the authors’ demographic research came from China based on studies of the Chinese people’s diet and disease trends before the book’s 2006 publication date. In general, Chinese diets then were mostly plant-based, fresh and toxin-free. Health was good. I recall sampling their delicious food when conducting a tour of American farmers through China in 1979.

But in the dramatically prosperous years since, millions more Chinese have shifted toward a Western diet: junk food, processed food, sugars, hydrogenated vegetable oils and so on. In recent years, China has imported about 10 million tons of soybeans per month — most of it from GMO-traited fields sprayed with glyphosate, glufosinate or dicamba.

China now has 2,391 McDonald’s restaurants, which is an index to the spread of several fast-food chains and highly processed food. Since 2012, Burger King has opened 1,200 restaurants in Chinese cities, and this week, the Burger King chain came under scrutiny by Chinese health authorities for allegedly selling outdated bread and other ingredients. As Western diets invade Asian nations like China, so do diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity and the entire range of Western chronic diseases.

Fortunately for America, our groundswell of health-food research and initiatives is gradually guiding many of our families toward more healthy diets as the foundation of robust health and immunity from debilitating disease.

Food-revolution advocacy is left to consumer activist groups such as the Food Revolution Network and Moms Across America. An independent osteopathic physician, Dr. Joseph Mercola, offers well-researched health data, and his website carries links to 18 other health and diet related sites. 

The Centers for Disease Control and other multi-billion-dollar tax-funded health agencies haven’t addressed the broad spectrum of problems originating with food toxins and lack of nutrient density in foods. 

To see the original Chinese source of our lead paragraphs above, please download the PDF document linked here. It was sent to me by Mr. Chen I-wan, former advisor, Disaster History Commission of the China Disaster Prevention Association. He translated the original document from Chinese to English. You’ll note in the original document that this group of 127 professionals are highly critical of the Chinese government’s biosecurity laws, which includes food health and security. That takes courage in a nation where top leaders don’t take criticism lightly.