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19-bu. corn yield gain with a bio-stimulant and WakeUP in-furrow

Since starting field research with WakeUP in 2008, we’ve seen consistent yield improvements by applying in-furrow nutrients — laced with three or four ounces of WakeUP Spring per acre to mobilize nutrient entry into roots.

This season, we saw a nearly 20-bu. benefit for corn yields by applying a bio-stimulant mobilized with WakeUP.

Ears in Symbiosis treated strips

The product, called “Symbiosis AGx,” was effective by itself when applied in-furrow — nearly a 17-bu. benefit at the rate of two pints per acre.

We measured almost a 3-bu. yield nudge in strips where we added 4 ounces of WakeUP per acre to the in-furrow mix. The cost-return ratio for WakeUP is about a $10 return for a cost of $3.30. Here’s the link to a PDF report showing our plot data.

Dan Pavich, who researched and developed Symbiosis AGx over the past 12 years, says, “Most of the power of the product comes from using whole, fresh water fish and from using sulfuric acid as a stabilizer.”

However, he doesn’t call the product a “fish” because it’s not like the typical hydrolyzed fish emulsions on the market. Symbiosis AGx is highly refined into a blend of amino acids, ionic calcium and organically derived fatty acids. Then it’s deodorized with a proprietary biological process developed by Pavich.

Pavich field-tested Symbiosis AGx extensively in 2015. He says our yield results on corn in Iowa are “right in line with yield data I’m seeing from coast to coast.”

Pricing of Symbiosis AGx for 2016 is expected to come in at around $8 per acre at the two-pint per acre rate, for in-furrow use. If you realize a 17-bu. yield gain on corn at $3.50 local cash corn price, This amounts to almost a $60 gain for a cost of $8.

Symbiosis AGx can also be applied effectively with 2×2 fertilizers or sprayed as a foliar treatment. It blends readily in the tank with many other products including foliar herbicides.

Pavich’s company, Symbiotic Ag Products, is based at 415 East Prairie Ronde St., Dowagiac, MI 49047. Company phone number: 574-318-0004.