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171.8-bu. soybean yield by Randy Dowdy breaks former world record

One of our WakeUP clients in Indiana tipped us this morning that there’s an upcoming announcement of a new world soybean yield record: 171.8 bu.  by Randy Dowdy of Brooks County, Georgia.

Randy is already known as a corn yield champion with 503 bu. per acre.

An online report written by Kevin Dowdy posted Sept. 8  says the yield was verified August 29 by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.

Southeast Farm Press reported a detailed article on the new record Sept. 8 and updated it today, Sept. 9: Link is here:

The report will probably be available soon, in detail, on Randy Dowdy’s website, linked here:

The new record tops by more than 10 bu. the previous record of 160.6 bu., set by Missouri grower Kip Cullers.