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12 foliar feeding ideas for higher yields

Most crop farmers across the Midwest see the foliar feeding “season” has ended. Our byword for foliar feeding is, “If it’s green, spray it.” If you use the principles in the foliar feeding presentation which you can download from the links in this article, you’ll see ways to extend the nutrient-feeding season and use opportunities to nudge yields up a few bushels at a time.

Here are the 12 points covered in the 43 “slides” attached as PDF files. We break the presentation into seven sections so the PDF download file doesn’t choke your internet service. 

Many of these points challenge the “conventional wisdom” of foliar feeding. But we’ve been testing and refining these principles for eight years, based on many tissue tests and yield checks. They apply to spray solutions using our WakeUP Summer, a unique surfactant and carrier based on colloidal micelle technology.

12 Foliar Feeding Ideas for Extra Yields

1.Reduce surface tension of spray to fully coat leaves.

2.Lift the waxy leaf cuticle so nutrients can enter leaf.

3.Use surfactant with ionic chelator to carry nutrients into cells.

4.Reduce internal surface tension; speed sugars through phloem tubes.

5.Use only plant-based ingredients which crops can metabolize.

6.Spray 15-20 gal. water per acre; medium droplet size to cut drift.

7.Time application for cool, calm morning or evening.

8.Use non-chlorinated water… structured and R.O. if possible.

9.Select and apply nutrients based on sap test or tissue test.

10.Adjust pH as per product label. Citric acid, not ammonium sulfate.

11.Use flagged strip tests to accurately measure yield response.

12.Surfactant should be non-toxic to plants, animals — and you.


To download the entire presentation, just click on each of the seven following links in sequence.  As they download, you can read them, stepping through the PDF pages using your Adobe Acrobat reader.

Most of the slides are self-explanatory. This is a presentation we’ll be giving at the Sept. 2 Field Day for BRT Ag and Turf near Stockton, IA.


Foliar Feeding presentation pages 1-8

Foliar Feeding presentation pages 9-15

Foliar Feeding presentation pages 16-21

Foliar Feeding presentation pages 22-28

Foliar Feeding presentation pages 29-34

Foliar Feeding presentation pages 35-38

Foliar Feeding presentation pages 39-43


Dew covered soybeans before and after spraying with WakeUP