Renewable Farming

WakeUP Advantage

WakeUP Advantage is one of the formulations we’ve developed and field-tested since 2008. In warmer climates like Florida, it’s especially effective for its three primary purposes:
1. Powerful surfactant, highly efficient at clear-coating leaves — even waxy leaves like citrus.
2. Fast-acting penetrant that softens and lifts the waxy barrier on warm-climate leaves, allowing thorough penetration of nutrients and crop protection products. 
3. Translocation aid which reduces surface tension of plant sap and speeds nutrients through plants’ phloem systems.
Exclusive distributor of WakeUp Advantage: 
Advantage in Ag Solutions, LLC
For more information contact:
Travis Murphy or Andy Murphy
P.O. Box 13896
Fort Pierce, Florida 34979
Travis Murphy:
Andy Murphy: 
Download PDF of WakeUP Advantage MSDS by clicking here
Download PDF of WakeUP Advantage label by clicking here