Our early-pay offer can give you a 4-1 return if you order by Feb. 28, 2019

Prepaying by Feb. 28 for this season's WakeUP saves you $10 per gallon. 

January 24, 2109 — It's $80 per gallon now, vs. $90 during the growing season. Interest on that $80 between Feb. 28 and June 30 would be about $2.50. Buy now, and you save $10 off. A $10 saving vs. $2.50 interest earns you a 4-to-1 return. That 4-1 payback is comparable to what we've seen when you actually use WakeUP as a surfactant, penetrant and internal translocation adjuvant.

Our field trials show that if a foliar nutrient adds 5 bu. to your yield, including WakeUP in the tank mix enhances the nutrient's performance to deliver an average of another 4 bu. for a total of 9 bushels. Even with corn at a miserable $3.30 or so per bushel, that extra 4-bu. yield pays you another $12 an acre. Your WakeUP cost: about $3 per acre (a bit under 5 ounces per acre at $80 per gallon). That's a $4 payback per $1 invested. 

Below is the letter we're mailing today to our customers. It contains information to order WakeUP — and other products. Our Renewable Farming mission is unique: We constantly search for "what works." Because we make other companies’ nutrients and biologicals work better, we can select and offer the most effective products from a wide array of firms. This is why we've chosen to work with outstanding companies like AgriEnergy Resources, Biodyne USA and Vital Earth.

If you've never used WakeUP, join our many clients who've learned over our 10 year of refining this technology that WakeUP simply works. It makes other yield boosters reach toward their full potential from foliar herbicides to in-furrow and foliar nutrients, biologicals and biostimulants. If your yield booster needs to get systemic in your crop, WakeUP makes it happen faster and more completely.

To download and print a higher-resolution copy of this letter, click on this link.