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Australian urbanites race to stock up before Aug. 31 nationwide truckers’ highway blockade

So far the American mainstream media have mostly ignored a potential truckers’ blockade across Australia planned for Tuesday, August 31. Truckies are protesting the Aussie government’s medical mandates for economic lockdowns, vaccine passports and mandatory masking. They say medical dictators are crippling the national economy and trampling individual freedoms — all without scientific justification.

Once before, in 1979, Aussie truck drivers blocked main highways with their 18-wheelers plus grim determination. That forced the government to abandon crippling road taxes imposed on trucking firms. Back then, truckers coordinated via CB radios with a range of a few miles. Now their planned blockade is viral nationwide, using social media and cell phones. Also, their cause is far more fundamental than a tax battle: It’s a fight for personal freedoms against vaccine mandates, lockdowns and masking rules which they say lack scientific validity.

In several other nations like France and London, protestors are flooding the streets, demanding common-sense freedoms in the face of arbitrary isolation and government-fueled pandemic fear. The National Vaccine Information Center has a summary of citizen protests at this link. But peaceful crowds waving signs don’t stop the flow of food, fuel and routes to jobs. Highway blockades can.

In Australia, and globally, most of the news flow about this event appears on alternative websites — not major channels. Freedom-minded sites are pumping out videos on Rumble and Bitchute. That sidesteps YouTube, Twitter and the big streaming services, which are blocking almost anything conflicting with CDC’s shifting dictates for pandemic control.

The prospective civil battle launched by Aussie truckers is one more example of why we’ve reported that your home base on the farm — outside urban concentrations of people — offers more self-reliance than available to occupants of a high-rise in Chicago or Melbourne. That Feb. 22, 2021 article was headlined Your farm or ranch: Best place to live now! Best Business to own!

To follow details on this confrontation Down Under, here are some online sources:

Health Impact News   At this link, take a little time to play the first video clip… a delightful ballad Ode to Razorback Mountain inspired by the 1979 truckies’ blockade. It’s sung as only our Aussie mates can do.  Razorback Mountain was the epicenter of the 1979 truckie blockade.

Cairns News This local site details rationales for the protest, including border blockades between Australian state jurisdictions, based on vaccine passports.


Update Aug. 31:  Major Australian news outlets are downplaying the blockade and the accompanying freedom rallies by citizens. One news site,, reports:

Originally planned by irate truck drivers fighting back against mandatory testing and vaccination, the events were hijacked by ordinary Australians furious about ongoing lockdowns and restrictions. Police believe the planned truck blockade and the council chamber protests were the work of separate organisers.”

Australia’s Sky News website noted that the truckies’ planned blockade to protest Covid mandates was timed alongside a truckers’ union protest against a major trucking firm, Toll, pushing for improved wages and benefits. But as of Sept. 1 in Australia, the protests appear blunted by aggressive enforcement action.  

In the latest Sky News report as of Tuesday evening, Aug. 31 (USA time; actually Sept. 1 Aussie time), police made hundreds of arrests and levied many fines.

Over the past several years, we’ve been puzzled to see traditionally independent Australians accepted nationwide gun confiscation and now, nationwide lockdowns and mandatory Covid shots. 

Update Sept. 1, 2021: Pandemic lockdowns blocked Australian sheepherder Ben Jackson from traveling from his New South Wales ranch 270 miles across a state line into Queensland this week to attend his beloved Auntie Deb’s funeral. His “Protest” went viral on worldwide news services. In a large paddock with hundreds of gestating ewes, he trickled a trail of barley in the shape of a valentine heart about 200 feet in diameter. The sheep immediately lined up around the barley trail, and Jackson snapped a drone photo — which was shown to participants at his Aunt’s funeral. Folks all over Australia sent him tearful thanks via social media. Epoch Times published the photos and story at this link.

Updates Sept. 9, 2021:

1. Here are some possible reasons why so little news of the Aussie trucker blockade occurred in Australia: The website Health Impact News reported today:

“All across the world there were massive protests against medical tyranny and COVID vaccine passports this past week, but most of these are not being reported by the corporate media. In Australia, people are reporting that the cell phones of truckers were blocked so that they could not communicate and take photos and videos of their nationwide strike, which is apparently still in effect. There have been videos of empty shelves in some grocery stores, but the corporate media is reporting that it has nothing to do with the trucker strike. South Australia, however, did drop their COVID-19 vaccine mandate for truck drivers.”

2. For a more detailed account and a brief video showing how truckies did achieve an end to the inter-province vaccine mandate, click here to see the story on Health Impact News.

3. To illustrate Australia’s forced conformity to official medical guidance on Covid, New South Wales medical authorities suspended the medical license of a physician who posted evidence on his social media account which contradicted the official line. Story here on Epoch Times.

4. In a news interview on video, Australia’s top public health official hints that contact tracing will be involved in “The New World Order.”

Update Sept. 22: Aussie construction workers launch a daily strike focused in Melbourne which blocks main traffic center, and promise to repeat this daily until vaccine mandates and lockdowns are ended. 

Australian news report on the 1979 truckers’ blockade. 
Screenshot from a YouTube ballad, Ode to Razorback Mountain